To do this, we conducted extensive research over a period of a few days. Here are the steps that we took:

  • Explored the website.
  • Read policy pages.
  • Received and reviewed an academic essay for quality.
  • Read verified reviews that were written by students.
  • Researched the company online to better understand its reputation.

Now that we have done this, we are prepared to answer these questions about WriteMyPaper4Me:

  • Is this a service that can be trusted to deliver academic level appropriate and high quality written products?
  • Are the prices here reasonable, and are their worthwhile discounts?
  • What is their reputation like?
  • Do they guarantee quality, good prices, originality, and on time delivery?
  • What do other students have to say?

Pricing System

WriteMyPaper4Me is a service provider. They price their services using the piecework method. This means students are charged, for the most part, for each page of writing they receive. These prices are published The costs for a paper can vary depending on the deadline, grade level, writing type, and complexity.

At the time of this review, WriteMyPaper4Me prices ranged from 15 dollars per page for a high school paper with a deadline of ten or more days to 60 dollars per page for a university paper due in just three hours. We encourage students to leave as much time as possible. This guarantees better quality, in our opinion. It can also lead to significant savings.

WriteMyPaper4Me also charges piece rates for presentations. Rather than charging per page, they charge a flat rate for each presentation slide they create.

Overall, we found the prices published here to be within industry norms. The costs include the writing or editing as ordered along with standard extras such as title pages. We did not encounter many complaints about the pricing structure here. The exception was the student complaints that indicated a belief that overall writing quality did not justify the prices charged.

Finally, we were impressed with the discounts we found. The company offers first time customer discounts, seasonal discounts, and other offers. These can be entered as promo codes at the time the student places their order.

Types of Services

WriteMyPaper4Me appears to be an academics only writing service. We did not find any options on their services pages or order page that indicates that WriteMyPaper4Me offers copywriting, technical writing, and resume writing services. The following is an overview of the services they offer.

Academic Writing From Scratch

Original academic writing is apparently the flagship service offered by the folks at WriteMyPaper4Me. We found that they offer a wide range of writing products in this category; however, there’s nothing out of the ordinary here. This is simply an academic writing service where students may get assistance with essays, research papers, lab reports, reviews, articles, critiques, etc.

Editing And Proofreading

In some cases, students don’t need writing from scratch. Instead, they need assistance from a professional who can take their original writing and make it better. This service involves correcting spelling and grammatical errors, ensuring citations are done correctly, identifying errors and inconsistencies, and formatting issues. Done well, this is a very valuable service.


This service can be hired to create presentation slides for students. This allows students to obtain help for any situation where they need help with a PowerPoint presentation.

All services are offered to students from the college level through graduate school. They also assist high school students. For this review, we made arrangements to obtain a college level essay. The paper was delivered before the due date. The writer followed all instructions. Overall, the writing was just slightly above average.

Academic Disciplines

We were impressed that this service appears to have access to a wide array of writers and academic professionals. Because of this, students are able to obtain writing help for an impressive range of academic subjects. Further, students are able to receive help at multiple grade levels. We didn’t encounter any complaints of orders being canceled or delayed due to staffing issues.

Payment Options

Payments are expected when students place an order and can be completed via When students do make a payment, they can use all standard debit or credit payment options. We were also impressed that WriteMyPaper4Me accepts Apple Pay. However, they do not accept any other digital wallets. It was slightly surprising and a bit disappointing to us that they also do not take PayPal at this time.

While we encourage students to use the most secure form of payment available to them, our research indicates it is safe to make a payment here. There does not appear to be any wide-ranging evidence of data compromise or other issues.


Like most other writing services, WriteMyPaper4Me offers several guarantees. Most of these are in the areas of writing quality, originality, delivery, and privacy. In order to see whether these promises hold true, we took the following steps:

  • Read policy pages on WriteMyPaper4Me
  • Found and read student reviews of WriteMyPaper4Me.
  • Gained insights from our own experiences and interactions.

The first policy we read was the Money-back Guarantee. This indicates that students may receive a refund if their order is canceled prior to work being done or if their paper is not delivered on time. The latter is limited to cases when the delay is not the fault of the customer.

Students may receive a refund for plagiarism as well if they provide evidence. For other issues, they may file a bad quality claim for review.

The privacy policy is nicely detailed. However, it is quite standard. The company clearly takes steps to assure the security of customer data. They are in compliance with GDPR regulations as well. There is a separate cookies policy that also includes important information.

The fair use policy speaks to the way students may use the papers they receive. We encourage anyone considering this company to read this very carefully. Students may not be protected by guarantees if they do not comply with the directives here.

The student reviews we read mostly indicated the company does a good job at backing its guarantees. However, there were definitely a number of customers who were not satisfied with their interactions.

Finally, we did not run into any issues with the paper we received or any other interactions we had with this service that would require us to involve customer support. Therefore, our remarks are limited to reviews and other research.

Is Site Legit? is a legitimate website. We visited the site multiple times using different devices and browsers and had a safe and secure experience each time. Further, WriteMyPaper4Me has clearly established itself as a legitimately operating writing service. This means they reliably provide papers and other products that students order. We did not find any credible evidence that this is a fraud or scam.

However, this does not mean we wholly endorse this writing provider. Our statement of legitimacy simply means the company adheres to basic, minimum standards of business ethics and structure,


WriteMyPaper4Me has absolutely earned some praise. Here is a list of the most positive aspects of this online service:

  • Great track record of on time delivery.
  • Attractive discounts are available.
  • Well-written writing samples.
  • Secured website and payment system.
  • The Company is GDPR compliant and has a detailed privacy policy.


Unfortunately, there are negative points about WriteMyPaper4Me. Here are a few that we believe deserve to be mentioned:

  • Reviews are mixed.
  • Papers may be more average than above average.
  • We were unable to find reliable information on the location and history of this writing service.

To Sum Up

Overall, our experiences with were mixed, The prices offered are within the acceptable range for this industry. They clearly have access to a large stable of writers, although qualifications are not always up to par. The paper we received from WriteMyPaper4Me was acceptable, but certainly not spectacular. Other student reviews were mixed,

Because these results are so mixed, we cannot recommend for or against this service. Instead, our stance is largely neutral. Students who do place an order can be assured their data is likely safe and that they will receive the paper they ordered. However, that paper may require some extra proofreading and editing. Ultimately, we encourage you to conduct your own research and ensure your writer has absolutely clear instructions. You may also read our other reviews for insights into alternative academic writing consultancies.