Site Overview

WiseEssays is an online academic writing website that performs assignments on behalf of students pursuing different courses in different academic disciplines in various institutions of learning. This establishment offers a wide assortment of services to students which vary in the degree of complexity.

High school, college, university, and postgraduate students are the main target of these offerings by WiseEssays. Having been in this line of work for close to a decade, has worked on thousands of academic papers and tasks for students in different levels of education pursuing distinct courses.

According to its website, the company has experts or well-versed professionals who handle orders that the clients place with the entity. While this is entirely unverifiable and relies on website information, the company notes that some guarantees and assurances protect its clients whenever there are aspects that go wrong in the process of order execution.

Pricing System

WiseEssays has a pricing system that allows learners to compute the price of the help they are looking for at the company. To this end, they have to input various variables to determine the costs or charges involved.

The main variables that determine the overall price of the product they seek are the type of the task, deadline of the job – how urgent the task is, level of education, and number of pages required.

Tasks involving writing from scratch fetch a higher price than those content enhancement services, as they require a lot of preliminary research, gathering of findings, planning and organizing content, and plagiarism checks.

For academic writing tasks including academic writing, assignments, admission writing, editing, and dissertations, charges $11.96, $13.56, $29.96, $7.16, and $13.56 respectively. These prices factor in a 10-day deadline. These are prices for the first-time usage of this outfit and have discounts embedded.

Editing and proofreading services cost a lot cheaper than other offerings that involve coming up with content from the ground up.

The variation of these prices indicates that the type of the task and gravity of work involved determine the final costs of handling the project. There is a whole variety of discounts and offers extended to learners on this site.

These include special offers, life-long offers which depend on the length of the pages of the task in question, and volume-based offers that go with the size of the student’s order.

Types of Services

There are lots of services that WiseEssays offers to its customers that range from those with a focus on high school students to those targeting PhD candidates. Various services that WiseEssays offers include essays and its variants, research and term papers, course work, article writing, article reviews, literature reviews, book and movie reviews, and book reports.

These services are mainly academic ones – which points to a heavy bias on academic tasks or jobs by WiseEssays. While some of these services are almost similar for individuals at different levels of education, there are differences in the content or make-up or structure.

This means that there are differences in a high school research paper and a Master’s research paper. The complexity here varies due to the variations in educational levels. offers services to its customers, including help or assistance with laboratory reports, PowerPoint presentations, speeches, Curriculum vitae, business plans, project writing, case studies, annotated bibliographies, research proposals, and reflective writing.

An aspect to note is that while there is a significant focus on academic types of tasks, there are offerings that are well outside the traditional academic field. Most of those who need help with curriculum vitae and business plans are not primarily pursuing studies in school but are instead engaging in other activities out of school.

There are other content enhancement services that WiseEssays extends to its client, and these are mainly editing, proofreading, and paraphrasing services. These involve making amendments to already-crafted content to reflect some instructions, requirements, formatting standards, style, tone, and structure.

Students who seek content enrichment help often need to have their work polished in areas or ways that they cannot achieve. Since these entities have pros working for them, then clients flock to these outfits to look for the necessary help.

Payment Options

When students get assistance from, they have to pay for the help they get before getting their orders. However, customers do not dictate the payment options that they will use and thus have to rely on the options that this company avails.

WiseEssays also uses these options to facilitate payments in the form of refunds to those eligible for refunds and where the approval process checks out. The payment options that learners can use with this entity include PayPal and Visa.

Thus establishment does not avail of many options for its clients to use, and this is inefficiency in its operations as there could be clients without access to these two options.


Money-Back Guarantee

Since it is not every other time that execution of client orders goes as planned, WiseEssays has some guarantees and assurances in place for when this happens. The refund policy covers a variety of situations and scenarios.

When a client places an order on WiseEssays that is impossible to deliver, the entity will process a full refund to the client. In such cases, the student has to notify the support department of this before there can be further action and deliberation.

There could be cases of late submissions where experts hand in the products past the deadline for several reasons. When this happens and clients want to use the turnaround regardless of late submission, there will not be a full refund. The refund will be in an equivalent measure to the delay in submission.

Revision Policy

Customers might also not get satisfaction from the quality of the products they receive from WiseEssays. When this happens, there is a policy that guides the revision of papers on this outfit. Learners can submit their requests for revision within three days after submitting the task, and the deadline for revision is 14 days.

After the 14-day window, students have another three days to put across any problems they have with the turnaround lest any form of recourse will be invalid afterward.

Original Work claims to churn out entirely original work, though this is largely unsubstantiated. Therefore, according to its site, clients can rest assured that the turnaround they get from this company is entirely original.

Is This Site Legit

On its website, WiseEssays gives a lot of information on its offerings, and the experience and depth of expertise that it has on board. The entity also notes that it handles lots of academic tasks across different educational levels of varying complexity.

However, while WiseEssays gives lots of useful and proper information on its offerings and its operations in general, it misses out on key operational aspects. Reports from customer testimonials and feedback point to a service that does not entirely know how to execute well.

Internal research and information from other sources on the web show that WiseEssays is not legitimate in this line of work.


Fair pricing – With the range of services and quality of work that it does, this company prices its offerings reasonably – coinciding with the industry standards and averages.

Customer Support – This outfit has a dedicated customer support section that ensures students can communicate with relevant staff when there are issues that need clarification.


Inconsistencies in execution – Sometimes, as this WiseEssays review shows, this establishment executes well and writes top-notch articles. At other times, it does low-quality work. These inconsistencies weigh down on this entity as an online academic writing outfit.

Delivery – Writers miss their deadlines repeatedly, which puts clients in challenging positions as far as their tasks go.


WiseEssays helps learners with their assignments in various disciplines and across different levels of education. With tons of offerings, the chances are high that students will find the help they need.

However, there are shortcomings and inefficiencies in their execution, including inconsistent work and poor delivery that weigh down on the operations of the company. Further, customer testimonials indicate that these companies do not honour or meet their guarantees and assurances.

With such levels of unreliability and inefficiency, learners can work with other reliable entities that do an excellent job with academic tasks and assignments. Establishments like EssayPro, Eduvinci, PenDrago, and Edudemius do a great job, and learners can bank on these entities to deliver quality and timely turnarounds.