We wanted to test everything, starting with the quality of their work, the pricing, website quality, and reliability. In the end, we compared their overall result in each category with their competitors to give you a better understanding of their overall quality.

UnemployedProfessors are very proud of their team of verified professionals, all of them are native speakers, and 90% of them have Ph.D. degrees. This is their biggest competitive advantage against competitors.

Pricing System

UnemployedProfessors have totally different pricing methods compared to their competitors. While most competitors have an online calculator where you can find your quote easily in a matter of seconds, that process is much more different on UnemployedProfessors.net.

You have to register first, enter the details about your work, such as the type of work you need, the deadline, and how many pages it has. Once this part is completed, the writers will bid against each other to compete for your paper.

In other words, UnemployedProfessors.net is connecting writers and customers. In this way, it works as a brokerage system between those who can provide the service (writers) and those who are looking for it (students, teachers, businesspeople). They handle everything from the logistics, payments to dispute management. Their job is to make you happy.

This means that your price is calculated on a case-by-case basis. The standard factors that affect your price are:

  1. The total number of pages where each page consists of 275 words
  2. Academics level or, in other words, how difficult it is to write your paper. For example, if you only need editing services for your existing paper, your total cost will be much lower compared to the cost of writing an essay
  3. The deadline or how soon do you need it to be done

On top of these standard factors commonly used by everybody in the industry, UnemployedProfessors have the bidding part that depends on:

  1. How many writers are available and interested to do your paper?
  2. How attractive is your paper in terms of difficulty and the total amount of money offered for the job?

In order to get your price, you have to register as a new user on the UnemployedProfessors site, and this is definitely an outdated model of how websites used to work back in the day.

Types of Services

UnemployedProfessors have a pretty common range of services in their portfolio. Their services are split into these categories:

  1. Essay Writing represents the most important service for the UnemployedProfessors team or as they put it “custom essays are our bread-and-butter.” If you need your essay to be written by an experienced professional, to make sure you’ll get the best grade, this is the service for you
  2. Research Papers – with this type of work, it’s crucial to ensure there is no plagiarism in your paper. That’s why the experienced team of UnemployedProfessors writers could help you a lot with their knowledge and experience
  3. Dissertations represent the highest level of work in academia. UnemployedProfessors have a lot of experience in this department, having written 108 full dissertations since the site opening in 2011
  4. Thesis Writing – they claim how 90% of their writers have been professors at universities themselves, which should be of great use to anyone writing the thesis. Whether you need just a part of your work to be done or the full work, they do have good writers available 24/7
  5. Editing service is especially useful to anyone for whom English is the second language and also to any student who wants to make their paper even better

Payment Methods

It’s not possible to find out which payment methods are supported on UnemployedProfessors.net. The only thing we did find out in the Terms of Service sections is that they do accept credit cards, and they are processed by the 3rd party firm. It’s not stated which credit cards are supported.

For this reason, we don’t know if PayPal and other online payment providers are supported or not.


Guarantees are another section that’s not properly explained by the UnemployedProfessors team. Most online-writing providers have a specially designated part of the site to the cancellation policy and terms associated with it. These terms are usually divided into cancellation time, bad quality claims, and late delivery cases.

UnemployedProfessors didn’t explain their cancellation policy in detail. Every case is decided on a case-by-case basis, and there is a lot of room left for misunderstandings and misinterpretation.

Based on the details provided on their site, we will write below about the rules we learned about:

  1. You’re eligible for a full refund of 100% if they didn’t assign a writer to your task, but there are some additional details attached to this rule
  2. If you cancel after a writer was assigned to your work, you can get a partial refund. Usually, the service will calculate your refund as your order total with the processing fee subtracted.
  3. That processing fee is 38% on the UnemployedProfessors site. Some writers can have fees that are even higher than that
  4. If you don’t receive your project on time, you can get a 10% voucher credit back to your account
  5. If you decide to cancel a project that was late, you’re eligible for a full refund in case you won’t use the paper. There are additional rules that apply here. If you as a client didn’t provide the material required on time or if you can’t prove your case, your case will be decided by their team

We have to add how the cancellation policy part of the site doesn’t exist, and these terms were found in the Terms of Service section of UnemployedProfessors.net.

These rules have to be much more specific, and they need to be properly explained to the client. The cancellation policy should be divided into a few different categories, and each category to have exact rules and policies attached to it.

Is Site Legit?

UnemployedProfessors team has a legit site with an experienced team of writers behind it. These writers represent the core and most important element in their business model.

However, as we already mentioned, the site needs an urgent upgrade in order to adapt to modern users and their needs.


  • UnemployedProfessors have highly creative content in every part of their website. Every section, paragraph, and sentence is written in a unique and creative way. Someone will like this style, someone may dislike it, but everyone will agree it’s unique


  • UnemployedProfessors website has an outdated design and needs an urgent update
  • The pricing is not properly explained, and you have to create an account and submit quite a few details in order to start the process of getting a quote
  • The payment methods and cancellation policy are not properly explained either

To Sum Up

UnemployedProfessors represent quite a unique brand in the online writing industry. They have a certain charm that’s noticeable in every section you read on their site. You can see how someone invested a lot of time writing the original website content. They also have many years of experience, 108 full dissertations written, and so many other projects finalized for their users.

However, this page needs a full reconstruction from the grounds up. Everything that we noticed which wasn’t done properly was connected with the outdated website design. In order to stay relevant to the market, this is the first step they have to improve. The second crucial ingredient they lack is transparency. They have to create an online calculator and create a properly defined cancellation, refund, and pricing policy. There are many other features that are missing, but we won’t go into every detail.

At the end of this UnemployedProfessors review, our final recommendation to anyone planning to use their services is to start with a small project and a low price. Once you establish a good relationship with their team, you can increase the volume of your orders.