In this Tutorme review, we will share with you clear details on how this company works. This vendor is different than a writing company as it helps clients get proficient on various topics. Therefore, if you want to learn how to handle a software solution or you want to get better in algebra, you can order the specific tutoring or online course dedicated to this subject.

We started our assessment from We consider that the company’s site contains verified and legit information that we should share with our readers. In our investigation, we found both positive and negative characteristics. So, we will present both sides in this review to help you make a documented decision.

How Much It Costs

When clients enter a tutoring platform, they would expect to find a price calculator. On the prices are detailed differently. Clients can access the “pricing” page and find different subscription models.

In case a client wants to enroll in an online course or tutoring program for 2 hours/month, then he/she will need to pay $69 for one month. If he/she exceeds the allotted time, the price per minute is 58 cents. This subscription includes permanent help from the support team, more than 300 subjects covered, and access to the highest-quality tutors.

When clients want to enroll for 4 hours per month in tutoring or online classes, then they should be ready to pay $119/month. The services delivered are the same as the ones available in the first type of subscription. The only difference is that customers have more access to the platform. Besides, any additional minute will cost the customer 50 cents.

An 8-hour subscription has a monthly cost of $209. Additional minutes cost 44 cents in this case. In addition, customers can decide to pay as they go. Therefore, they can choose to access whenever they need it and pay for the services they actually use. This type of Tutorme subscription works best for those clients who don’t have a clear plan of study. In such a case, the cost will be $1/minute.


The services portfolio is extremely wide. Tutorme aims to cover almost any type of subject possible to make sure that its clients are satisfied. For example, customers can enroll in online or tutoring classes on engineering, IT, mathematics, physics, history, humanities, and many more.

Tutorme also has a category of classes that prepare students for different tests. For example, they can order Tutorme ACT course. They will have access to 10+ hours of video classes with comprehensive animations and 500+ practice tests that will take them through different scenarios for the ACT exam. All videos are extremely engaging that will walk the attendees through different concepts and strategies that will enhance their skills for ACT certification.

In the case of GRE courses, students can choose 8 hours of recorded videos that will help them become experts in the topics tested for GRE certification. Tutorme offers a no-brainer course that guarantees an increase in the average score with 5 points.

Apart from enrolling in online courses, clients can also order 1-to-1 tutoring classes directly from Therefore, they are given the opportunity to discuss directly with some of the best tutors in the world on a specific topic. This is a tremendous advantage for anyone who wants to learn from an expert in an online environment.

The customers can browse from tutors anytime they want. They have a simple filtering system available on They can choose to search for tutors who are online at a certain moment and based on their gender. Tutorme guarantees complete satisfaction and offers 30 minutes of free tutoring to all first-time clients. The tutors’ profiles are available on the dedicated page, giving the clients the opportunity to analyze each profile and decide who is experienced enough to work with.

Payment Instruments

In general, reliable companies mention directly on the site which is the available payment methods. This is a sign of reliability. In case the vendor uses safe payment tools, then the client will consider that he/she should trust the services and will come back for more orders.

In the case of Tutorme, the situation is quite bizarre. We signed in with our Google account and discovered that we could pay for our orders using the card. However, they don’t mention which are the types of cards accepted by Tutorme. Also, we couldn’t find whether the company accepts payments via PayPal. We consider that this lack of information is a big flaw and Tutorme should do something to fix this issue.

Terms and Conditions

Tutorme has a clear policy that includes different terms and conditions. Therefore, the client will immediately understand how this company works and how it handles sensitive situations. In case the customer is not satisfied with the services and content delivered by the tutors from, he/she is encouraged to contact the customer support team immediately.

Tutorme doesn’t award any refunds for unused minutes from the subscription chosen by the customer. In case the client considers that he/she won’t spend a fixed amount of time on, then he/she should better choose the “pay-as-you-go” type of subscription. Tutorme mentions that all refunds will be at the company’s sole discretion. Clients are open to downgrading their subscriptions anytime they want, without expecting to receive any refunds for the minutes they didn’t use.

Account deactivation is also a sensitive topic. Tutorme mentions that customers can deactivate their accounts when they consider it is the right time. However, the account will be closed only after all payments and transactions will be closed. Also, the vendor has the right to calculate penalties, depending on the moment when the client decides to close the account. Again, Tutorme encourages clients to contact the customer support team to discuss each issue.

While we appreciate that the company developed a section dedicated to terms and conditions, we consider that it should be more specific. The customer needs clarity and understands from the beginning whether they can receive any money back in case they change their minds.

Site Reliability

We think is a reliable site. It has a comprehensive structure and includes relevant details. The ordering process is very easy and customers can find the majority of the information they need. Also, we found that the company allows clients to pay via their cards. Even though it doesn’t mention which types of cards are accepted, the fact that it allows payments with cards is a valid sign of reliability. This means that uses an encrypted SSL system that secures the payments.


We consider that the following arguments support the idea that Tutorme is a reliable company:

  • A diverse list of services
  • Legit site
  • Permanently available support team
  • A detailed list of tutors
  • Payments via card are accepted


We identified the following cons in our Tutorme review:

  • No information about discounts was available
  • The refund policy should be more clear
  • PayPal should be available as a payment method


We consider that Tutorme is a reliable company that offers a wide list of services for clients who need professional tutors to help them enhance their skills. We appreciated that they offer diversity when it comes to topics. Therefore, clients can find recorded materials and tutoring classes on almost any topic. While the list of services is promising, we consider that Tutorme should do better in offering more information on the discounts available. The prices are quite affordable, but they would become even friendlier if Tutorme offered some price reductions. Also, the terms and conditions should be more explicit and provide clear details on how refunds are awarded.