TrustMyPaper has been around for quite a while and has developed a reputation as a ‘go-to’ site for students who need writing help. Our job is to determine if this is well-deserved or simply a lot of hype. Of course, in order to provide you with objective feedback on TrustMyPaper, we had to do quite a bit of research:

  • We spent a significant amount of time on the website.
  • Our team read online reviews from verified customers.
  • We received and reviewed a college-level paper.
  • Price comparison was conducted with other sites within the same industry.
  • All policy pages were reviewed to determine whether the company backs its guarantees.

Now that we’ve done the hard work, we are ready to give you the information you need. If you’ve wondered whether TrustMyPaper can truly be trusted, keep reading. We’ve got the insights you need to decide whether this service will provide you with the quality writing you need.

Pricing System

TrustMyPaper provides pricing information in five different currencies. This is because the company serves students across the globe. You can receive your pricing in USD, AUD, GBP, EUR, and CAD.

Almost every order here will be calculated using a price per page measurement. According to, one page is equal to 275 words. The price per page can vary significantly. This is impacted by grade level, document type, and deadline. Basically, a complex paper for a graduate student that is due in a week will be more expensive than a simple essay for a high school student that is due in 14 days.

As we considered prices at TrustMyPaper, we also looked at the discounts they make available to their customers. They offer increasing discounts for large volume orders, and for repeat customers. First time customers can also save money here. The discounts page on the site also mentions special promotions and sales throughout the year.

All payments are due prior to the work being done. Customers will be navigated to the payment page automatically when they place their orders. As a general rule, no work will continue until all payments due are current.

Are there hidden charges? We didn’t find any evidence of hidden charges during our own experiences or by reading any TrustMyPaper review. However, there are additional products and services customers may order if they choose to. These include enhanced customer service options and additional proofreading or editing.

Types of Services

TrustMyPaper offers its customers a variety of services. Since our primary focus was on academic related offerings, we will describe those in the most detail possible.

Academic Paper Writing

If you are a student who is interested in academic writing services, this is the part that will be most relevant to you. TrustMyPaper is mainly an academic writing service. They offer several products within this category. Your choices include essay writing, research papers, lab reports, critiques, presentations, and more. We reviewed an original written work from this category in order to write this review.


When students need previously written works rewritten for new assignments or simply to improve them, they can order rewriting services. Writers will then remake their content so that it is clearer, factually accurate, or more appropriate for a specific course or grade level.


In this category, students can order writing assistance for scholarship essays, application essays, personal statements, and more.


Graduate students are expected to complete complex research projects, including thesis, dissertations, and capstone projects. This is the service area that includes these.

Proofreading and Editing

Proofreading and editing can be added on to other writing services. They can also be purchased as ‘stand-alone’ offerings for students who want to be sure their own writing is good enough to be turned in for a grade.

Problem Solving

TrustMyPaper also offers academic services that are not related to writing. Problem-solving for mathematics, economics, physics, etc. is one of these. Here, academic specialists assist students in solving complex equations, math modeling, and other coursework.

Multiple Choice Questions

Students may hire workers at TrustMyPaper to complete multiple choice assignments, quizzes, and tests.

Other Services

The remaining services are intended for business professionals and job seekers. These include copywriting services and resume/CV services.

Writing Quality

We were quite satisfied with the essay we received. The writer did an excellent job at researching, writing, and following our instructions.

Payment Options

As we mentioned above, payment is due when the order is placed. However, does not process this information or handle payment data themselves. Instead, they use a third party payment processing service in the same way that other online businesses do.

TrustMyPaper accepts multiple forms of payment for the convenience of their customers. They accept debit or credit cards from standard carriers like American Express, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. They also accept PayPal. Finally, students who prefer may use wire transfer.

We didn’t experience any issues with billing and payments while researching this writing provider. As we read student reviews, we noted that there were no significant complaints along these lines either.


We fully understand that students want to be assured that they will be spending their money at a writing consultancy they can trust. This means paying a fair price for a paper that is delivered on time, original, and written as directed.

That’s just part of it. The truth is that even the best companies have issues with customer service or simply make mistakes. We don’t expect perfection, but we do want to know that each provider we endorse will back their guarantees and stand by their promises.

We start this process by learning about the guarantees and promises that TrustMyPaper makes to its customers. To do this, we took a close look at their money back guarantee and privacy policy documents.

Fortunately, both of these documents are detailed and easy to read. Any customer could read these policies and understand precisely what they are entitled to.

The money back guarantee policy is fairly standard. Each customer is entitled to original work that is delivered on time. They are also entitled to receive a paper that has been written to their grade level following their instructions. If any of these things fail to happen, customers may be entitled to a partial or full refund. Refunds over ten dollars will be processed within a few days. Less than ten will be converted into a credit towards future orders.

The money back guarantee policy also includes a refund option for any work that is not original.

The privacy policy is also quite easy to read. It successfully addresses the most common concerns that customers have. This includes an explanation of the data that is collected and how it is used.

In our experience, this provider ensures their policies are easy to understand. Where there are any issues, the reviews we have read indicate that TrustMyPaper does an excellent job of taking care of dissatisfied customers.

Is TrustMyPaper Legit?

Yes, this online writing consultancy meets every one of our criteria for legitimacy. That means students can visit this website safely. They can be assured that the policies here are fair. They may also place orders and submit payment with confidence.

Here are the issues we considered when making this determination.

  • We verified that is a legitimately operating business.
  • We obtained information via online research and reading customer reviews to ensure that the company does deliver products and services consistently.
  • We concluded that there were no significant consumer actions against this academic services agency.

Finally, we determined that the quality of work meets or exceeds our standards.


We found several positive elements about TrustMyPaper. Here are a few of the most noteworthy:

  • They have a large staff that allows them to serve every customer efficiently.
  • Multiple payment options.
  • An earned reputation of delivering quality work.
  • 24/7 customer service availability.
  • Policies that serve to protect the customer’s interests.


First, we want to note that the negatives we are mentioning here are quite minor. None of these should be seen as taking away from our overall support of TrustMyPaper. However, we did find a few areas where improvement could be had:

  • Some of the pages on the website are a bit busy.
  • Students would likely appreciate some newer blog posts.

To Sum Up

We have concluded that TrustMyPaper is an excellent option for students who are seeking academic writing help or other services. absolutely deserves a place among our top-ranked consultancies. Any student can place an order for writing services regardless of grade level or topic and feel confident that they will receive a quality document that is delivered on time.

This service provider has met or exceeded our expectations in the areas of pricing, discounts, customer service, quality of writing, and range of service offerings. Further, they have taken steps to ensure that confidentiality is prioritized and data privacy is always protected.