One of our most important resources is our reviews of online writing companies that students seek out for help. is one such company that we have recently reviewed. It’s been around for several years, but we see more and more discussion about it. We used the same process as we always use for evaluating writing services, and this is summarized in the categories of the TopEssayWriting review that you can read below.

Pricing System

We demand transparency in pricing, and TopEssayWriting did not disappoint us. First off, visitors can get an instant quote, using the home page form and the drop-down menus on that form. While this may not be the final cost (there are add-on options and discounts), it gives a visitor a good estimate.

TopEssayWriting does have a logical and reasonable pricing system. And it is based upon criteria that we usually see from the reputable writing companies we review – the type of writing product a customer chooses, how soon the customer needs that piece completed, and that customer’s level of schooling – high school, undergraduate, or graduate.

$12.99 is the beginning price per page at TopEssayWriting. From there, prices will increase up to $47.99 a page for original academic writing. There are other pricing structures for other types of services or products. Again, using the quote form will give visitors a good idea of cost.

We also found TopEssayWriting discounts – 17% for any new customer and graduated discounts for returning customers depending on what they order over time.

Most good writing companies provide certain free “extras,” and so does TopEssayWriting. These include reference, title, and contents pages, formatting, a plagiarism scan, and revisions. Visitors will find these on the home page.

TopEssayWriting also has cost-based extras that are offered at the checkout process. Customers can order a more expert or UK writer, copies of resources, a one-page summary, full plagiarism report, among others. Customers should look over these carefully and choose only those that are really necessary if any. They will add to the price.

Overall, TopEssayWriting prices are clear and reasonable.

Types of Services

On the homepage of the, a visitor will find a section, “The Straight Dope.” By clicking the “read more” button, he will find descriptions of the major academic products, along with lots of other information about the company and its writers.

By using the drop-down menu on the quick quote form, a visitor will see the full listing of everything TopEssayWriting offers.

  • A basic essay, such as those assigned in high school and some undergrad English comp courses
  • Research-based essays that could be assigned in any academic course
  • Research papers for any course, any topic, all school levels
  • Presentations
  • Book and movie reviews
  • Lab reports in hard sciences
  • Case studies
  • Analyses and critiques
  • STEM coursework and projects
  • Homework and test-taking
  • Admissions essays; personal statement essays
  • Re-writing, editing, proofreading
  • Grad research, writing, and culminating projects, including theses and dissertations

It is obvious that a student can find any kind of academic writing help at But it is also obvious to us that just quantity does not a good writing service make. The more critical element is the quality of that help.

To assess quality from TopEssayWriting, we offer this evidence:

  • The level of proper English writing on the website itself is exceptional
  • There are footer pages that detail offered products. Again, these are well-written
  • Samples on the website reflect top research, writing, and style. For “proof,” a visitor should read the research paper on The Great Depression
  • Posts and conversations on our site reveal significant satisfaction with TopEssayWriting. Points made in these discussions were great writing, good research, lots of communication with writers, and meeting even urgent deadlines.
  • We found the same positive comments when we checked a couple of popular consumer review sites.

In sum, we are impressed with what delivers both in products and services. Good job.

Payment Options

Here we look for a variety of options, especially when companies serve students in different countries. These should include all major international bank cards, and other options such as PayPal and maybe wire transfer. TopEssayWriting does this.

The other thing we always look for is payment security. When companies collect and store customer banking information, we are always concerned about security. We like to see an outside secure payment processor used, and one that has a solid reputation within e-commerce. TopEssayWriting meets our expectations here.


Poor writing services don’t have policies; and they don’t provide the promises that they should to students who are paying good money for what they order. They also don’t respond if there are problems. So, we look very carefully at what is guaranteed and how a company follows through. Fortunately, TopEssayWriting again meets our expectations:

  • Originality: There is a guarantee of plagiarism-free writing, followed up by a scan on all finished pieces. Delivery does not happen until the scan shows no plagiarism.
  • Confidentiality: There is a Privacy Policy that covers what type of personal information is collected and how it is securely stored. In the case of TopEssayWriting, name, email address and phone number are required. But this information is then encrypted. Every customer gets an ID number to use instead.
  • Deadline Guarantee: If TopEssayWriting accepts and order, it is also accepting the client’s deadline. It promises to meet that deadline or provide a partial refund and additional perks. We could not find any customer comment that spoke to a missed deadline
  • Qualified Writer: TopEssayWriting promises that it will always assign the best available writer to each order. This means a writer who has a degree and the writing experience to produce the piece appropriately
  • Revisions: Free revisions are one of the free perks that TopEssayWriting gives its customers. These can be requested as much as possible until a customer is happy. The only time there is a charge for revisions if if the request alters the original order specifications.
  • Money-Back: In the Terms of Use policy, TopEssayWriting explains the conditions under which a refund (partial or full) will be given. These are reasonable and clear,

We expect these types of guarantees from good writing services, and TopEssayWriting provides them all.

Is Site Legit?

We have specific criteria for judging legitimacy. Some of our information comes from customer experiences. But here is what we have to see:

  • A good website
  • Clear information about the process for ordering, tracking progress, and taking delivery
  • Security for the customer
  • Guarantees
  • Communication between the customer and his writer
  • Good writing and honoring of deadlines

Legitimacy is far more than just opening up a site and taking writing orders, and TopEssayWriting fits the bill.


There are lots of good things about Here are the most important

  • Commitment to customer happiness and trust
  • Great research and writing
  • Good Communication
  • Promises kept


While we do not find serious cons, here are a couple:

  • Footer pages have a lot of distracting calls to action
  • Some of the add-on options are expensive for students on a budget

To Sum Up

We like what we have found at It has a solid business model, works for long-term relationships with its clients, delivers exceptional quality, has the transparency in pricing, and meets or exceed all of our criteria for judgement. Without any question, we can recommend TopEssayWriting.