Site Overview

StudyBay is an online essay writing service that handles various academic papers for learners in different learning institutions across varying levels. The StudyBay process involves informing the pros at this outfit about the project, comparing the bids and reviews to settle on a good option, and putting in place time-frames for execution.

On its website, this entity indicates helping over 1,650,000 students over the last year, having 52,000 experts, having handled a total of 12,000,000 projects with a satisfaction level of 96%. The professionals at who handle the tasks hail from different parts of the world and have varying skills, certifications, and academic qualifications.

With a wide range of services on offer, StudyBay notes that students work with their experts because of their low prices, trusted pros, and fast results and outcomes. There is a lot of information on the site regarding operations that students can leverage when assessing whether StudyBay is a good pick for their assignments and papers.

Customer testimonials and feedback on the website also give a sense of how StudyBay operates from people who have contracted it and consumed its offerings. Given that the website of this establishment has a lot of information, those seeking the services and help from this outfit can leverage the site to know as much as they want about how the entity operates and processes customer orders.

Pricing System

While most services out there feature price calculators that allow their customers to compute the charges for the help they are seeking, StudyBay has a different method of pricing. uses a bidding system whereby writers on the platform compete to get awarded.

Customers post the task they need help with, embed the details about the job, and seek help. The bidding process results in a list of experts with different prices to handle the said task.

Since these writers have handled tons of academic tasks, their bids come up with more information about their experience in the writing arena. The details that come with this info include the assignments completed thus far, the expert’s rating, and the price they are willing to accept in exchange for their academic help.

These prices also depend on the service extended, as some tasks are more complicated than others, making them difficult to handle and execute. For such tasks, the professionals at StudyBay place a premium on the price to absorb or reflect that reality.

The essence of almost all academic tasks is time. Students often need their turnarounds in time to make submissions well within the deadlines allocated to them by their course instructors or professors.

To this end, some learners might seek urgent help from the pros at StudyBay. Most students vary the deadline to reflect these realities. When there are urgent tasks, professionals on this service also react accordingly and adjust prices to reflect the urgency aspect of the job.

Types of Services

There is a wide range of services on, including dissertations, essays in humanities, biographies, and how-to write-ups. This establishment does not have a specific set of services on offer. There is not a heavy leaning in academic writing since there is also coverage of help in other areas that are mostly non-academic.

Other offerings on StudyBay include business plans, essays, and its variants, personal statements, sitemaps, and case studies. Depending on the customer’s level of education, these offerings vary. Some have targets as high school students, others at undergraduate students, and those pursuing Masters and PhD.

Reports, tasks in social sciences, and those in natural sciences, coursework, speeches, and curriculum vitae are also those offerings within the purview of this establishment. While speeches and curriculum vitae have applications in the academic field, these are significant products for business and industry – well outside the world of academics.

The fact that these are also offerings within the wheelhouse of StudyBay shows that this company does not have a traditional focus on handling academic tasks but also works on those writing tasks that are in business and industry.

Other offerings at the company include conducting research, doing homework, and tackling theses on behalf of PhD students. Other tasks that StudyBay offers include formatting, editing, and proofreading, all of which are final-stage tasks that help to improve the quality of content.

In most cases, learners present their content and seek help refining and modifying that content to reflect the requirements of the course instructor or professor. Learners often need help refining the content, adjusting the style, improving the tone, and eliminating errors, including grammatical ones, eliminating typos and spelling errors, and correcting poor sentences. Further, formatting is also an essential aspect as most academic tasks have formats that they should abide by.

Payment Options

There is a need to pay for services rendered, and for these payments to happen seamlessly, there must be elaborate payment methods and options that facilitate the entire process. Students can choose from the available options to process their payments, and these options include Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal.

StudyBay avails few payment options, and at times customers may experience inconveniences when processing their payments. also uses these options when effecting refunds to clients. When there are some issues with the execution, and clients do not get the content they need as per the instructions, there might be procedures leading to refunds. These refunds need payment options for processing, just like the students would need options for effecting payments.


Money-Back Guarantee

Sometimes, the execution or handling of student orders might not go according to plan. This might result in some circumstances that force StudyBay to process refunds to students due to the failure of handling an order. This outfit has a money-back guarantee that governs such situations.

This outfit guarantees the safety of finances on its platform and notes that they are Platron and E-money-secured. Therefore, learners have no reason to query the security of their funds with this outfit. Learners can access these funds at any given period and can further withdraw them to their credit cards or their PayPal accounts.

Regarding the writing service at this company, students get their payments put on hold for a while until a final version of the task they ordered reaches them. There is also a warranty period of 20 days from the day of receipt of the final version, after which there will be no room for requests for revisions or refunds.

Quality Guarantee

This entity uses a variety of tools to check for plagiarism and content quality. This establishment also checks whether the handling and completion of an order are well within the order’s instructions and requirements. These are the various checks that this company does to ensure quality content.

However, those clients who feel there are unmet requirements or instructions can request for reviews or revisions. Students can also seek refunds, and the nature of the issue determines whether there will be a full or partial refund.

Is This Site Legit

While the website hails its services, expertise, and scale of operations on the web, there is an entirely different picture of its operations from the perspective of learners who routinely use this entity. Students point out to a company that does not do a great job compared to the industry standards or averages.

Further, internal research and subsequent findings also point to glaring mismatches between the information on the website and the experiences that people get from the actual consumption of the establishment’s offerings.

All this information shows that StudyBay is not a legitimate or reliable entity that its website claims to be. This is because it does not meet essential industry standards or operational metrics, thus casting doubt on its operations and processes.


Quality work – This entity churns out relatively quality and original content. Learners who use this platform benefit in the sense that they receive first-rate products.

Low prices – Learners enjoy low prices when working with StudyBay as the charges are well below the industry standards or averages hence highly affordable.


Poor website layout and organization – There is a lot of information on the website, which might make it hard for learners to synthesize and understand. This weighs down on service delivery of

Issues with delivery – The deliveries often miss deadlines, and this imposes a cost on the students in that it inconveniences their plans and what they have set out to accomplish.


There is a wide array of offerings by this company as this StudyBay review shows, and there is broad expertise that supports all these operations. While there a few boxes that this establishment checks out, including quality work and low prices, there are other operational areas that this company misses out.

The website has a poor organization that makes content retrieval very difficult and tricky. Furthermore, late deliveries beat companies’ purpose in this area of work, thus making StudyBay a poor entity as far as its execution goes.

There are reliable outfits that check all boxes that learners can rely on, including EssayPro, Eduvinci, Edudemius, and PenDrago.