We believe RewardedEssays.com has probably been in operation for about 4 years. At least that is how far back we have been able to find its presence on the web. Even for a relative newcomer, though, RewardedEssays has already established itself as a growing and increasingly popular writing service. We began to notice more posts and discussion about the company on our site and decided it was time for a RewardedEssays review. Our goal is always the same – provide consumers of writing products and services with accurate, objective information so they can make good choices. We have developed a common set of criteria to evaluate online writing companies:

  • Clear and comprehensive information on the company website
  • Qualify of writing on that company website
  • Quality of customer service
  • Information on education and background of writers
  • Review of samples and actual products produced by RewardedEssays
  • Pricing compared to similar writing companies
  • Discounts, benefits, and any unique features
  • Policies and guarantees
  • Reviews, comments, and feedback from actual customers

Once we gathered all of this information about Rewarded Essays, we wrote up this report.

Types of Services

The drop-down menu on the RewardedEssays “services” link divides those services into four categories – Essay Writing, Paper Writing, Dissertation and Thesis Writing, and Other Services. But customers will find far more detail on all of RewardedEssays products and services by just using the easy calculation form on that company home page. There, you will find a far more complete menu. Here are all of those products and services:

  • Essays – high school through grad programs – basic or research-based; any topic
  • Term and Research Papers – high school thru grad programs – any subject field
  • Literary analyses
  • Research proposals
  • Case Studies
  • STEM problem-solving
  • Homework assignments
  • Multiple choice test-taking
  • Lab reports
  • Re-writing
  • Articles and article analyses
  • Book reviews
  • Oral presentations
  • Thesis and dissertation writing
  • Editing and proofreading

All of these items are available in every curricular area and content field – customers select this on the actual order form.

RewardedEssays also serves professionals and business clients, with a variety of products and services:

  • Resumes and CV’s
  • Cover letter and other applicant materials
  • Copywriting for businesses’ websites
  • Blogs and social media maintenance and posts
  • Email marketing campaigns and other marketing content
  • Business Plans and proposals
  • Reports
  • Press releases
  • Editing and Proofreading

For these types of writing needs, RewardedEssays.com maintains specific departments of professionals with the necessary education and backgrounds to produce these pieces.

The more important question, though, is not what RewardedEssays offers. It is the quality that it produces. Here, we look at and evaluate several things:

  • The quality of grammar and composition on the website. This is an important clue. If English composition on website content is poor, it is a clear indication of the quality of writing that will be produced. In the case of RewardedEssays, quality is top-notch.
  • There are sample writings on the website for visitors to read. We looked at several – a one-page summary of a graduate piece on leadership, an essay on felony convictions and voting rights, and an essay on the influence of religion in the early days of the U.S. In each case, we found solid thesis statements, good organizational structure, and excellent English grammar and composition. Frankly, we were impressed.
  • We also wanted to hear from actual customers about their experiences. A number of our site users did have comments. In general, they were well-pleased with the RewardedEssays writing pieces they received. Specific comments also spoke to good communication with their writers, responsive customer service, on-time delivery, and revisions as requested.
  • We wanted to find evidence of other customer feedback and checked with a few large consumer review sites. Again, we found the same positive comments.

RewardedEssays obviously lives up to its claims of providing its clients with exceptional products and services. Our ratings in this area are top.

Payment Options

From the number of currencies RewardedEssays offers, it is obvious that it has an international clientele. And so, it must offer payment options that are international too. Customers can use any major bank card, as well as PayPal and wire transfer. This should pretty much cover everyone.

Security is always an issue when dealing with online payments. Fortunately, in the case of RewardedEssays.com, this is not an issue. It does not collect or store any customer financial information. Instead, like all major online retailers, it uses an SSL-certified payment processor. As soon as a customer presses the “make payment button,” that processor kicks in.


Many RewardedEssays.com guarantees are housed in their policies, but they are also repeated all over the website. There are four policies on the site – Terms of Use, Cookies, Privacy, and Money Back. Those and other statements provide the following guarantees:

  • No Plagiarism – All pieces of writing by RewardedEssays are sent to an editorial department for a final check; during this process, they are scanned for plagiarism.
  • Revisions – If a customer should want changes to the final draft he receives, he need only ask for them. These are free, as long as they do not change the original order instructions. If they do, there will be a fee involved.
  • Confidentiality – In its privacy policy, RewardedEssays guarantees that it will never share customer personal information with anyone else. To put that into practice, customer information is encrypted in the system, and each customer is assigned an ID number that is used for communication.
  • Meeting Deadlines – This company guarantees that any deadline will be met. If it ever should not meet a deadline, there will be a refund and discounts on future orders.
  • Money Back – There are circumstances under which RewardedEssays does issue partial or full refunds. Customers should review this policy, so they understand those circumstances.
  • Instructions Followed – As stated, all writing pieces are sent to an editorial department for final review before delivery. The piece is evaluated against the customer’s original order details to ensure it meets those requirements.

In all of the customer comments we have reviewed, there has never been a concern expressed about RewardedEssays not honoring its guarantees. Good job.

Is Site Legit?

There should be no question in anyone’s mind about the legitimacy of RewarededEssays.com. The company has a great business model, assigns writers based upon their qualifications to produce a piece of writing, insists upon communication between customer and writer, and checks to be certain that any final products meet customer instructions. Beyond that, it lives up to its guarantees.

Not only is RewardedEsays.com legitimate, but it also exceeds the standards we have set for good professional writing services.


We could list a large number of pros here. But the most important for customers are the following:

  • Quality of research and writing is exceptional
  • Customer service is responsive and always available
  • RewardedEssays delivers what it promises
  • Pricing is well within the average range


We cannot really find any cons here. Perhaps a few suggestions:

  • There should be more variety of samples for all academic levels
  • There have been no new blog posts since 2017. So much has impacted students recently, more current and relevant posts should be added.

To Sum Up

We are obviously really high on RewardedEssays.com. And for a good reason. It has all of the important features that we find important – customers too. There is a professional business model, transparency, commitment to customer satisfaction, guarantees that are put into practice, trained and helpful customer service agents, and qualified writers who are matched to projects. In all, we can say that RewardedEssays is committed to its clients in every way. We can recommend this writing service without any reservations.