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This PremierEssay review is just the latest in our ongoing mission to investigate as many writing companies as we can, and we chose this company because of the amount of buzz it has generated among our users. Read our summary and see if it might be a long-term fit for your needs.

Pricing System

We always look for prices that are reasonable for the industry. Prices that are too low, in fact, too good to be true, indicate a writing company that does not have degreed and qualified writers. Professional writers will simply not work for these low amounts.

PremierEssay prices are within the normal range that we like to see. While they are in American dollars, students can select other currencies – Canadian or Australian dollars, British pounds, and Euros. Prices will go from $12.99 and increase as types of writing are more complex, as customer academic level goes up, and as deadline dates are more urgent. This differentiation is how professional companies do it. There is different pricing for categories of services, and this is what we like to see.

There are other elements to PremierEssay pricing:

  • First, there are discounts, which can be found via the link at the top of the home page. Any first order qualifies for a 20% discount; there are also special sales run throughout the year. Students should look for these, because they may be able to order something at a great price.
  • There are also free features which do have a cash value – title, outline, table of contents, and bibliography pages, plagiarism checks, and formatting.
  • When customers get to the actual PremierEssay order page, they will find additional features they can order at an extra charge. We always advise students to consider these carefully and only sign up for the ones they believe they really need.

Types of Services

PremierEssay might be a student’s dream resource, considering the vast number of services it offers. That, of course, depends on quality. And we’ll talk about this more in a bit.

On the landing page, you can find all the relevant categories of writing offered on the website. If a student clicks on a category, he will be taken to another link that will give full explanations. The basic categories are as follows:

  • Academic Writing: These are the most frequent assignments that students are given – basic 5-paragraph essays, longer more complex essays that require research, research papers and projects, presentations, critiques, lab reports, analyses, case studies, book reviews, and more – basically any type of academic writing a student may need.
  • Coursework Assignments: These include any type of assignment with which a student may struggle, especially in STEM areas, where PremierEssay has experts to produce problem sets and projects.
  • Test-Taking: These include multiple-choice tests, either timed or untimed.
  • Editing, Proofreading, or Re-writing: This is an important service for students who really want to produce their own assignments but who are concerned about their writing abilities and need professionals to polish them.
  • Admissions Writing: Admissions essays are critical to consideration for acceptance into undergraduate programs. Likewise, personal statement essays for grad school admissions are even more important. PremierEssay has an entire department devoted to these types of writing needs.
  • Dissertation Help: Nothing is more important for a doctoral student than that final project. PremierEssay has Ph.D. research and writing experts for any part or all of the sections or chapters of these projects.
  • Resume/CV’s/Cover Letters: Whether students are looking for part-time jobs, research assistantships, or their first career position, they can find document construction, editing, or proofreading at PremierEssay.
  • Copywriting: While not an academic service, PremierEssay has expanded its services to include online companies that need copywriting service. These include website, social media, and blog content, along with marketing and press releases.

So, how about quality? This is more important to us than anything else. And we are pretty good at figuring this out.

  • First, we reviewed all of the writing on the PremierEssay website. We wanted to see solid grammar and composition, and we were not disappointed. The content is clear, simply stated, well-structured, and well-written.
  • Second, we looked at some of the samples posted on the PremierEssay site. Specifically, we reviewed a college paper on supply chains and another research work on brain injuries. In all the instances, we found research integrity and excellent, scholarly composition.
  • Third, we took into account all of the comments and conversations from users on our site who have been customers of PremierEssay. The overall feedback is quite positive. Customers like the products they receive and the transparency and communication from the company. A few said they did ask for revisions but got them quickly and with no hassle.
  • Fourth, we launched a generic search for PremierEssay. We found a number of comments on the PremierEssay Facebook and Twitter platforms, as well as on consumer sites like Trust Pilot. Again, these were overwhelmingly positive. Two customers complained about refunds, but the company responded to them very well.

Overall, we are comfortable reporting that could be a good “nesting” place for a lot of students. Because they offer every type of academic help, and because they are known for quality, a student could actually begin to use PremierEssay in secondary school and all the way through their graduate programs.

Payment Options

PremierEssay allows payment by all of the large international bank cards – credit or debit. Customers who do not want to use their cards can pay via wire transfer.

And speaking of security, PremierEssay does what all trusted online retailers do. It uses a payment processing company that is SSL-certified and used by popular e-commerce websites. We do not like companies that process payments themselves – there is just too much risk.


It is one thing to state that there are guarantees. It is quite another to follow-up on them with customers. So, we want to see them, of course, but we also want customers to tell us if they are honored. Fortunately, customer comments do confirm that guarantees are actually practiced. Here are the guarantees that PremierEssay gives:

  • Non-Plagiarized Pieces: There is a quality assurance department that reviews each order final draft. And one of the things it does is scan those pieces for plagiarism. If any is found, the writer is informed and must correct it immediately. No customer whose reviews we have found has ever stated that they received plagiarized content from PremierEssay.
  • Confidentiality: when customers submit their personal information with their orders, that data is immediately encrypted in the PremierEssay system. It is held securely and never provided to anyone else. Students will be assigned ID numbers to use with their personal accounts and in communication with writers or customer service agents.
  • Revisions: These are free. But we do recommend that students read the Terms of Use policy that covers this feature. If a customer asks for changes that change the original order, there could be a charge.
  • Meeting Deadlines: PremierEssay promises to deliver finished products on or before the customer due date. If ever a delivery is late and is the fault of the company, there are refunds and other benefits in place.
  • Following Instructions: Customers are asked to give specific instructions for a reason. PremierEssay wants to make sure that they get exactly what they want. Writers are charged with following those instructions “to the letter,” and this is all checked by the QA department prior to delivery.
  • Money-Back: there is a PremierEssay policy that speaks to the granting of refunds. We always urge students to read this policy carefully, so they know under which conditions refunds will be given.

In all, the guarantees are the ones we want to see in a writing company. And, in the case of PremierEssay, customers do say they are honored.

Is Site Legit?

Readers can probably surmise by now that is a legitimate service. It has been around for several years, produces orders as requested and paid for by its customers, and has an after-delivery commitment to customer happiness. Its pricing is transparent, there are good security measures in place, and both writers and customer support agents are responsive.


We have found a large number of pros with PremierEssay. The most important to customers are as follows:

  • Quality is never an issue
  • Qualified and degreed writers, matched with each order
  • Guarantees that mean something
  • Service after the sale
  • Commitment to long-term customer relationships


We might suggest the following to PremierEssay:

  • Set up a blog – students like to have resources that help make their academic life easier.
  • Review the costs associated with the cost-based options. Some of these are prohibitive on a student budget

To Sum Up meets all of our strict criteria for top quality writing companies. And, according to actual customers, satisfaction is high. The four most important criteria for us are sound quality, customer service, security, and the rate of returning customers. In all of these areas, PremierEssay gets our highest marks. Without much reservation, we can recommend this company to students.