Site Overview

PenDrago is an online writing outfit that helps learners with their academic essays and other related tasks. This company has various offerings for its students as far as academic help goes. PenDrago‘s website and layout are elaborate and well-organized, and people who visit it will find it easy to navigate.

On its site, it claims to adequately protect the data of its users as well as payment transactions. Users can easily order a paper or even check the price of the assignments they want handled. There is information on operational aspects of this entity on its site, including pricing and guarantees of their operations.

The site also features quick buttons for communication support that learners can use to reach out to the team. This entity states that leading experts handle their tasks on its website and that their products are often of top quality. There is also a simple guide on how to go about placing an order on the site – efficiency that you will not find in other entities out there.

Pricing System

PenDrago‘s pricing system is dependent or varies with the type of help that the learner is seeking. Different prices anchor on the complexity of the problem. Writing, editing, and proofreading all fetch different prices.

Writing, which involves coming up with content from scratch, starts from $17.56 per 300-word page. Here, there are various aspects involved in the process, including crafting original write-ups,  comprehensive research, distinct formatting, and styling according to instructions and requirements, full-range surveys and tests, and problem-solving.

With such a price per page for writing from scratch, PenDrago offers favourable pricing compared to other outfits. The other offering provided is editing, which fetches a price of $11.70 per 300-words page.

Under editing, there are various processes or activities involved. Customers could want proper tuning of the organization of content, or adjustment of the tone, or formatting and styling according to some requirements, or even proofreading. Just like editing, this is a competitive price for editing when compared to industry standards or averages.

Proofreading is another offering from that involves various activities like reviewing the grammatical composition of sentences, checking punctuation, and removing spelling errors from sentences and, broadly, the entire content.

For proofreading, this outfit charges a fee of $9.96 for a 300-words page. In comparison to other outfits and industry averages, this company does an excellent job with its pricing in that it is well within acceptable ranges from the learner’s perspective.

Types of Services

There is a whole array of aid that PenDrago provides and extends to its customers. Broadly, the company engages in solving academic problems and challenges of students. However, the tasks and assignments that students work on are myriad and diverse.

This entity handles a variety of tasks, including essays, term papers, research papers, laboratory reports, book reviews, case studies, and dissertations/theses. These are mostly academic tasks that students handle but differ in complexity and level of education.

While those in high school can work on essays in different subjects or areas, folks who work on dissertations are those pursuing their doctorate studies. However, at this company, there is expertise to handle all these tasks without factoring in the aspect of complexity – mainly because there are pros with equivalent or superior academic qualifications handling these tasks.

Other jobs that are in the wheelhouse of include presentations, speeches, assignments, and problems in various subjects like Physics, Maths, Chemistry, or Biology. These are often the domain of those pursuing high school studies.

Apart from these broad writing endeavours that involve solutions from scratch or ground up, other endeavours mainly involve modifications and amendments to existing write-ups. In this area, this entity has a variety of offerings, which mainly include editing and proofreading.

Under editing, PenDrago carries out various actions that help reduce errors and improve the overall quality. These actions include improving the structure, refining the flow of the write-up, and modifying the tone to reflect the topic of the write-up and the essay itself. Also, formatting and proper styling are among the aspects that are under editing that PenDrago works on. On top of this, there is a free proofreading offering under editing.

Another offering that is more of an amendment or modification is proofreading. This mostly involves reviewing grammatical mistakes. In this offering, various elements form part of the package, including the checking of punctuation and the correction of typos in the raw write-up.

Payment Options

Since work and finances exchange hands here, there have to be mediums, channels, and options for processing the monetary transactions involved. PenDrago avails various options that people can utilize to facilitate the payments they make.

On the other hand, equally uses these options to process refunds to customers. The payment options available and accepted include Visa, MasterCard, Discover, PayPal, and American Express.

The good thing with PenDrago is that the establishment offers a wide variety of payment options that individuals can use while processing their payments. Not all entities avail all these options, thus creating limitations on the part of students.


Money-Back Guarantee

PenDrago gives its customers various guarantees in case execution of the order does not go as per the requirements, or when there are changes in plans on the part of the individual. When there is an order cancellation before its allocation to an expert, there will be a complete refund.

If the order is in the hands of a writer who is well underway with the task and the deadline is not half-past, the individual concerned will get a 70% refund from this company. However, the terms are different when a writer is well half past the deadline of the task. ‘

In such a situation, the writer has invested their time and resources in work, and therefore, they have to get some compensation. In this case, the customer receives a 50% refund, but the writer keeps the work and progress thus far.

When the customer sends funds twice or thrice or any number of times by mistake, then this entity will effect a total refund of the funds mistakenly sent. In a rare case of failure of task allocation, where no writer takes up the job, then there will be a 100% refund.

Late deliveries will see the customer get a 20% refund, and when the execution or order is well past the deadline, and the client cancels the entire thing, PenDrago will process a full refund.

When delivered, poor formatting attracts a 10% refund, grammatical errors, poor punctuation, and spelling errors all attract a 30% refund, while a total disregard of instructions will result in a 100% refund.

Revision Policy

Learners can hand in their requests for revision within a 10-day window from the delivery of the paper. The instructions accompanying the revision should, however, not be different from those in the original order.

Is Site Legit?

PenDrago site presents information pointing to a clean operation and top-notch establishment. Analysis of customer testimonials and feedback points out to a legitimate and outstanding entity. The guarantees and assurances given, according to customers, are real and work most of the time in case there are legitimate concerns or issues with execution.

Further research and information on the operations of also show that it is a leading company in the area of academic assistance. Their offerings also check out according to learners who have worked with the establishment and key internal research findings.


Quality execution – This outfit churns out quality write-ups, and this is because of the expertise and experience aboard the company.

Fair prices – For the students, this establishment has average rates that are in the reach of many students.

Timely Delivery – PenDrago delivers its orders within the time-frames required by the clientele.


Delayed revisions – When individuals ask for revisions for their tasks, revisions take longer than usual. It could have other implications regarding submission on the part of learners.

Intermittent Customer Support – This interferes with how students can communicate with experts as well as folks in the support department.


PenDrago is a leading online entity that has vast experience in this field. It has a combination of the best qualities of an establishment in this field of work. There are top seasoned professionals with credible and verifiable academic credentials on this company who work on these tasks.

These folks know their stuff, and they make clients of this outfit get quality products. Further, the experience this entity has in this field speaks for itself, as shown in this PenDrago review. The solid and working guarantees and assurances PenDrago makes it a top establishment in managing academic tasks.