All the information presented in the PaperSmart review was collected from Therefore, we made sure that we include valid details that should help our readers to form an opinion on whether they should trust this vendor or not. In this review, we will present details related to price and a list of services. Also, our readers can find information related to refunds and revisions policies, as well as payment instruments.


We couldn’t find a price calculator available on Usually, writing companies display a fee calculator on the homepage to show their clients that they have a transparent pricing policy. In this case, PaperSmart doesn’t follow this rule. Still, they manage to add the price calculator on the page dedicated to pricing. When they enter this page, they will first find a table that includes all possible price combinations that a student can use for the paper he/she needs. Also, the client can simulate the price of his/her order depending on the type of academic level and urgency. Therefore, customers should expect to pay $10 per page for a high school essay which would be delivered in 14 days.

In case the academic level becomes more difficult, the price will go higher accordingly. For example, a college paper will cost $14 per page. A paper for the university level will start from $17 for one page, while content written for the master’s level has a fee of $22/page.

Besides, any client who submits an order on will receive some free services from the vendor. Therefore, together with content writing services, customers will receive a title page, reference or bibliography page, formatting, and revisions for free.

When it comes to discounts, PaperSmart needs to do more work to develop an attractive policy. At this moment, the company doesn’t offer any details on the available price reductions for new or returning clients. We found scarce information on about the discount policy mentioning that the vendor has the right to decide to whom to offer price reductions. This means that not all customers receive the same type of treatment and this might cause a lot of dissatisfaction. Our recommendation would be to create different levels of discounts for loyal customers and encourage new clients to submit orders on to receive a generous price reduction.

List of Services

Anyone who takes a look at the list of services will immediately understand who is the target audience. Students are usually those who order content writing from PaperSmart. Therefore, the company works with skilled writers who can deliver content for different categories. For example, clients can order any type of essay, lab reports, research papers, or research proposals. Also, they can work with the writers available on to deliver dissertation or thesis papers, as well as book reports or articles on different subjects.

On the other hand, we couldn’t find any writing services dedicated to business owners or young professionals. Entrepreneurs can submit orders for news or press releases, as well as web content or business proposals. They need content writers to increase their business visibility. Also, young professionals should count on PaperSmart for resume writing and help to obtain the role of their dreams.

PaperSmart is able to deliver quality services thanks to its skilled writers. The vendor has a strict selection process that allows it to work with some of the best professionals in the industry. Therefore, PaperSmart tries to select English native speakers and checks carefully the portfolio of each writer. This is a winning strategy that PaperSmart uses to make sure that the writers they select can meet the customers’ requirements.

Payment Instruments

PaperSmart allows customers to pay with safe payment instruments. Therefore, the clients who submit an order on can pay for it with cards. The vendor accepts payments via Discover, MasterCard, AMEX, and VISA types of cards. Even though these instruments are secure and don’t put the clients’ accounts at any risk, we consider that PaperSmart should offer a different payment alternative. For example, many students prefer PayPal as it is safe and easy to use.


The revisions and refund policies are some of the most accessed documents on In general, students are looking for these guidelines to understand what will happen in case something goes wrong with their order. Also, by developing such clear terms, PaperSmart builds a reliable image in front of its clients.

Refunds Policy

PaperSmart developed the money-back guarantee policy to make its clients feel safe and trust the vendor. To make it easier to understand, the vendor added clear examples of how it handles cancellation requests and refunds. Therefore, in case a client decides to cancel an order to which PaperSmart couldn’t find any writer, then the respective customer is entitled to receive all his/her money back. Besides, if the client submits such requests when less than half of the deadline is gone, he/she can receive only 70% of the amount paid. The difference will be considered compensation for the writer based on his/her effort for the work deposited. In case more than half of the deadline has passed, the refunded amount can be of a maximum of 50%.

In case the customer receives the order, but he/she didn’t download it and would rather prefer to cancel it, then he/she can receive a refund of up to 30%. Double payment can become a situation that triggers refund requests. Any client who notices that he/she placed an order twice, he/she should discuss with the customer support department immediately if he/she wants to get all money back before PaperSmart assigns a writer to do both orders.

Revision Policy

Customers can receive unlimited free revisions from PaperSmart as long as they follow some simple conditions. The first one is related to the revision instructions. The customer has to stick to the same instructions as those mentioned in the order form from If the customer adds new instructions, he/she should understand that PaperSmart will consider it as a new order and ask for extra fees accordingly. The revision request should be submitted in a maximum of 7 days from the moment the writer submitted the final paper to the client. Failure to submit the revisions request in due time will trigger extra fees as well.

Should You Trust the Site? is a legit website that allows customers to pay for their orders using secure payment methods. This means that it uses a secure payment system that allows customers to use their cards to finalize payments without putting their accounts at any risk. Also, both the company and its site are legit considering that it developed a comprehensive policy related to confidentiality and privacy.


PaperSmart manages to stay competitive on the market thanks to the following characteristics:

  • Affordable fees
  • Comprehensive refunds and revisions policy
  • Reliable site
  • Safe payment methods


PaperSmart should work on improving the following areas in the way it delivers its services:

  • More discounts should be added for loyal and new customers
  • PayPal is yet not accepted as a payment method


PaperSmart is a reliable company that works with different writers who have verified skills in content writing. Also, the prices stay in the market’s average even though they are not backed up by discounts. In addition, the company manages to make a nice impression by having comprehensive policies for refunds and revisions. All payments can be done through secure instruments. This feature adds reliability to the company and convinces customers to come to for more orders. Still, the vendor should consider adding PayPal as an accepted payment instrument.