MyMathGenius comes with effective solutions for students who need homework or exam help. The client has to upload the materials on which he/she needs help, and the professional tutors working for MyMathGenius will come with a quotation and a deadline proposal.

This MyMathGenius review includes verified information on how students can order professional help for their math homework. We will tell you how the company works and what’s the price that clients need to pay for their orders. Also, all information presented in this review was extracted from Therefore, we will reveal details on how the refund policy works and what customers should expect in terms of discounts or delivered services. Besides, whenever we notice that something is not respecting the market’s trends, we will highlight it in the review and come with proposals on how MyMathGenius could do things better.


When they enter, students expect to see a price calculator or a clear table of prices. In the case of MyMathGenius, the vendor can’t come with an exact quotation as the math requirements can be different in each college or university in the world. To find the final price that they could pay for their math assignments, students should send a quotation request. MyMathGenius will come with a price proposal without obligating the customer to pay or accept it.

The price estimates depend on different factors starting with the course’s difficulty. As each college in the world has different requirements, the price will depend on the effort that the tutor has to put to deliver the required help. Another criteria that will influence the price is the number or length of questions. The tutors will spend a certain amount of time to solve each question related to math. Therefore, in case the question is too long, or the client submits too many questions, then the time allotted by the tutor will be higher. Thus, the price will rise accordingly.

The third factor that influences the price is related to the level of detail. When a student requires a detailed solution, the tutor will automatically need to spend more time to prepare it and come with a personalized answer. Finally, the deadline will influence the price as well. So, when a student needs a project to be solved in a very short amount of time, MyMathGenius will ask for a higher price than in the case of a deadline of a couple of days.

On the other hand, customers can find a price table for the major types of services. Thus, they will be able to have an idea of what to expect from MyMathGenius. Therefore, a tutor who delivers full solutions for 1st Year College Algebra or GCE A-Level Mathematics assignments in 7 days will charge $39.95. The price becomes $49.95 in case the student needs full solutions and also graphs to be delivered in 24 hours. The same price is valid for full solutions delivered in 7 days for 1st or 2nd Year Statistics, including Business Math or Quantitative Analysis. Another quotation is $64.95, and it is valid for full solutions delivered in one week for 2nd Year Statistics.

We expected to find some discounts offered by MyMathGenius. However, the vendor isn’t too generous to attract new or returning clients to submit orders on

Services Delivered

MyMathGenius can deliver full solutions to students who have different types of mathematics questions. Thus, whether they have a simple question or they need a complete solution with graphs included, the tutors working for can deliver the right answer. One of the most common homework help order request made by students on is for calculus related problems. MyMathGenius works with skilled professionals who have the right answer to derivatives, limits, integrals, and many other situations related to this topic.

Questions about algebra, statistics, or finite mathematics are also some of the most popular types of services available on The company succeeded in finding some of the best tutors on the market who can deliver personalized solutions and help students on such topics. Also, MyMathGenius delivers homework help for combinatorics, optimization problems, matrix theory and linear, real and complex analysis, logic and set theory, as well as ring and group theory.

Payment Methods

After the client submits a quotation request on, the tutor will send the final price. If the customer agrees with it, he/she can proceed to finalizing the payment and giving the tutor the green light to start working on the assignments. The payments can be finalized via PayPal or by card. If the clients want to pay by card, then they should know that accepts payments only with VISA, AMEX, or MasterCard types of cards.

Terms and Conditions

Some of the most important guidelines that customers usually check when they enter is about refunds and revisions. While we could find information about the refunds guidelines available in the terms and condition section, there is no information about revisions available on

Whenever an expert working for MyMathGenius delivers a solution that doesn’t meet the clients’ requirements, or it needs a serious level of correctness, then the client is entitled to get a full refund. MyMathGenius wants to offer its clients the best value for the money. Therefore, they don’t tolerate when experts give bogus solutions. In case the client gives clear proof of the incorrect solutions offered by the expert working for MyMathGenius, then the customer support team will come with a refund proposal. In case the order was completed more than 3 months ago, then MyMathGenius cannot award any refund to an unsatisfied customer.

In case the customer mentions minor mistakes made by MyMathGenius’ experts, the vendor can award partial refunds. However, each refund request is carefully analyzed as the company cannot guarantee that the tutor will deliver a solution that automatically secures a certain grade to the student. Still, in case the difference between the expected grade and the one received by the student is less than 10%, then the customer will receive 10% off the next order he/she submits on Besides, if the actual grade is 10 to 25% lower than the promised one, then MyMathGenius offers a partial refund or a maximum 25% discount on the next project or assignment. Finally, if the grade received by the student is more than 30% different than the promised one, MyMathGenius will accept to give all money back to the client.

Site Reliability

We think that is a reliable site. One of the strongest arguments that we have for this statement is that the site allows clients to pay using secure payment solutions. A site that allows customers to pay via PayPal or card uses an encrypted system that secures all payments. Therefore, the customers’ accounts won’t be put at any risk.


We consider that MyMathGenius brings the following advantages to its clients:

  • The diverse list of subjects covered
  • Legit site
  • Payments can be made via cards or PayPal
  • Refund policy


We consider that MyMathGenius should work on improving the following areas:

  • No price calculator is available on
  • No revision policy is included in the terms and conditions section


MyMathGenius offers homework help solutions for clients who don’t want to spend their time solving math problems. The vendor works with experienced tutors who can deliver homework help on calculus, algebra, and many other topics related to maths. Also, customers can finalize their payments on using either PayPal or cards. This is a great advantage for the vendor to show its clients that they can trust it. Even though a refund policy is included in the terms and conditions section, we couldn’t find any details about revisions. We consider that this is a point that the company has to improve.