Some students simply don’t have the talent and the ambition to finalize the research and deliver the paper their professors expect. Others start working from college and their time allotted to study gets shorter. There is also a category of students who prefer to focus only on those subjects that they consider will help them in their professional life. So, what do they do when they reach this point? They end up paying for professional writing services, like those offered by Masterpapers.

We developed this Masterpapers review to present to our readers how this company operates and what they should expect from its side. In this review, we aim to present an objective opinion and back up our arguments with pros and cons. So, we got the majority of the details presented here from We consider it is the most legit source of information that we could use for a non-biased review.

We liked that we found a price calculator that allows clients to understand how their invoice will look like. We also appreciated that Masterpapers describes the writer’s recruitment process as being very strict to make sure that they select the best-in-class professionals. There were also things that we didn’t like. For example, we expected to find more discounts that would make the services more attractive to clients.

Prices and Discounts

When a student enters, he/she is in a desperate situation. He/she wants to receive a fast and qualitative writing service. Also, it is normal for students to have limited budgets. So, they are looking for affordable fees and would appreciate it if they could know from the beginning how much they have to pay. Starting from these circumstances, Masterpapers comes with a big advantage. They have a price calculator available on

A price calculator is a smart tool that uses some parameters to calculate the final price which will also appear on the invoice. For instance, if a high school student needs an essay, he/she will have to pay a price of $9.82/page. The deadline, in this case, is of 14 days.

Apart from the content written according to the customer’s requirements, Masterpapers also bring some free benefits. Instead of paying $37.9 for some additional services, the clients who use Masterpapers services will receive the title page, bibliography, limitless resources, access to the customer support team 24/7, formatting services, and direct access to chat with the writer without paying not even one dollar.

The discounts are very important and students like when they receive a price reduction. According to Masterpapers discount policy, any first-time customer receives 15% off from the fee delivered by the price calculator. The company also has a loyalty program that offers 1 loyalty point for each currency unit spent on The points accumulated can bring a discount of 10% of the total bill. Besides, it is essential to mention that the points are valid for 9 months.

Apart from that, we couldn’t find any other details for other types of price reductions. We consider that Masterpapers should be more flexible in creating some lifetime discounts based on volume. Therefore, they will encourage returning clients to submit more orders to

List of Services

The list of services is diverse. This is one strong point that Masterpapers should be proud of. The extended list of services starts from the point that the writers the vendor collaborates with are some of the top professionals. Before they get hired, all writers go through a strict recruiting process. This means that they have to demonstrate that English is their native language and pass several tests that evaluate their knowledge on the topics they want to write about. This is how Masterpapers manages to work with very skilled writers who can deliver different types of services.

Essay writing is the most popular type of service that students order on They can deliver argumentative or application essays, dissertation papers, lab reports, or movie reviews. The vendor has a page dedicated to services out of which the clients can pick up the type of service they need. Also, when it comes to topics, the writers working for Masterpapers can write on almost any subject. Besides, we consider that it is worth mentioning that Masterpapers offers editing and proofreading services. So, if you are a student who wants to write the content yourself but you want a specialized second opinion on your content, then this is the type of service you need. The skilled professionals working for Masterpapers have enough experience to carefully check the content and come with proposals to edit and improve it.

Young professionals can order a CV writing service. The company works with HR specialists who know exactly what recruiters want when they evaluate a resume. So, they partnered with Masterpapers and offer their services to any candidate who wants to leverage his/her chances to get the job of his/her dreams.

Payment Instruments

Masterpapers allows clients to use only cards to finalize the payments of their orders. This is a good thing as it means that the payment instruments are 100% safe. Customers can finalize their payments using AMEX, MasterCard, VISA, and Discover cards. On the other hand, it can also be a downside for students who prefer payment instruments which are easier and faster to use. Therefore, we consider that Masterpapers would be more popular among students if they included PayPal in the approved list of payment tools.

Terms and Conditions

Masterpapers is very strict in applying the terms and conditions. They have developed clear refunds and revisions policies that help both the writer and the client feel safe when they access Masterpapers’ services.

Refunds Policy

Each client who submits an order on has a refund period, depending on the total number of pages that the ordered paper has. A client who orders a paper of fewer than 20 pages benefits from a money-back period of 14 days. In case the paper is longer than 20 pages, then this period becomes 30 days. Besides, a paper on which the customer discovered an important percentage of plagiarism, then the refund period can be extended to up to 180 pages. In such situations, the final refund period will be individually calculated by the quality assurance team.

The situations when Masterpapers awards a refund are explained in the money-back guarantee policy. For instance, in case the client wants to cancel the order before any writer was assigned to it, then the company will refund all money in a maximum of one week. Also, a full refund is awarded to those clients who didn’t download the paper and consider that they won’t need it anymore.

In case of late delivery, Masterpapers doesn’t refund any amount. The vendor mentions that its team puts consistent efforts to deliver the paper on time. So, the cases of missed deadlines are almost inexistent. However, if such a situation still occurs, the order is non-refundable. In our opinion, the vendor should be more flexible with such cases as unexpected situations can appear. Besides, Masterpapers could win more clients if they had a more flexible refund policy.

Revisions Policy

In case the client is not satisfied with the content he/she received, he/she can ask for revisions. However, Masterpapers offers free revisions only if the client submits the request in the revision period, as is mentioned in the corresponding policy. For instance, if the client ordered a paper with less than 20 pages, then the revision period will be of 14 days. For larger papers, the revision period is of 30 days. If the client doesn’t take action in the allotted period, then the vendor considers that he/she is satisfied with the content he/she received. Also, in case the client asks for revisions after this period, Masterpapers will ask for additional fees.

Should Clients Trust is a legit site. We reached this conclusion because it allows clients to pay with safe instruments. This means that it uses an encrypted system that secures payments. Also, it includes copyright and cookie policies that take Masterpapers’ reliability to the next level.


We consider that Masterpapers should work more on the following areas:

  • Affordable fees
  • Refunds and revisions policy
  • Legit site
  • Safe payment instruments


Masterpapers should do better in the following areas:

  • Develop the discount policy to attract more clients
  • Offer PayPal as an accepted payment method


Masterpapers has a strict methodology for choosing writers. This strategy represents their main advantage as it allows them to work with the best professionals in their field. Also, we liked that they have affordable fees and discounts for newcomers. On the other hand, we consider that Masterpapers should work more on developing its discount scheme to attract more clients. Besides, the vendor offers safe payment methods which increase the company’s credibility. On top of that, is a legit site that convinces students to submit more orders.