It’s easy for students to become overwhelmed with their busy lives and keep up with assignments. For this reason, online writing services began to pop up, offering to complete academic coursework for students who were too busy, lacked motivation, or were in a bind.

Today, there are thousands of such companies on the web. And like in any thriving industry, there are plenty of bad actors who are out to make some quick money by providing the least possible in the way of a product or service.

At Essays Writing Reviews, we do not like it when students are scammed or provided poor quality for their money. That is why we are on a mission to weed out the quality writing services from those not-so-good ones and those that are downright frauds. We do this by a continuous activity of researching these companies and getting to the truth. We have evaluated hundreds of companies and will continue to do so.

This MarvelousEssays review is one more we have to offer.

Payment System

Students can find pricing on the products or services they need via an estimate form located on almost every page of the MarvelousEssays website. There is a drop-down menu to make a selection of the type of service, academic level of schooling, and the amount of time that is given for completion and delivery. All of these factors affect pricing.

If students click on the “prices” link, they will see full charts for the different types of orders.

Here are some examples of pricing for some of the most common products. A high school essay, for a first-time customer, will run $12.99 a page, as long as the student can wait 11 days for delivery. A university level research paper with a 7-day deadline will cost $23.49 a page. The highest price for a Ph.D. essay order with a deadline of just hours can run as high as $62.99 a page. Other MarvelousEssays services, such as editing, are less costly.

MarvelousEssays pricing is on the high-average side, but there are discounts that do reduce that initial estimate. New customers will get 15% off their initial price. There are also discounts on each order that exceeds 30 pages – discounts ranging from 5 – 15%.

At the final stage of ordering, students are presented with options that will add to the cost. A UK writer selection, for example, will add 5% to the order; options to choose higher levels of writers have percentage increases; a one-page summary will cost more; an extended revision period for $1.95 will allow 14 days for revision requests, rather than the standard two-day requirement.

Types of Services

There is no lack of product and service offerings from MarvelousEssays. When students access either the quote or the actual order form, they will be able to see all of the services that MarvelousEssays offers.

It is a long list, including the most common needs – all types of essays and papers, reports and reviews, projects and proposals, and many other things:

  • Admissions and scholarship essays
  • Personal and goal statements
  • Research proposals
  • Grant proposals
  • STEM coursework problems and projects
  • Test-Taking
  • Capstone projects
  • Literary analyses
  • Article writing/rewriting
  • Any or all thesis sections
  • Any or all dissertation chapters
  • Abstracts
  • More

In fact, MarvelousEssays leaves nothing out. And it states it has the writers with advanced degrees to take on any assignment, task, or project.

With such a wide scope of services, we are also concerned about MarvelousEssays quality. And so, we did our normal checking.

  • We examined the MarvelousEssays site content and found it to be clearly written in proper English.
  • We read a few of the samples published on the website. One research paper on Analysis of Crime Charges and Defense Mechanisms was quite difficult to follow. Evidently, it was a fictitious situation, in which three individuals had various involvements in a crime. It was difficult to follow. An annotated bibliography, on the other hand, was relatively well done. It appears that quality is mixed.
  • Some users of our site have ordered writing tasks from MarvelousEssays. Most at high school and lower-level university study are pleased with the results. At the graduate level, there was less satisfaction with the writing quality, some stating that it was not scholarly enough in tone and style.
  • Site Jabber holds a number of reviews. Most are positive. Concerns were expressed about the responsiveness of customer service when there were issues.

Payment Methods

MarvelousEssays accepts 8 different bank cards, used in the U.S. and in Europe. This gives students plenty of options, but security is also an issue.

Because MarvelousEssays does not process customer payments on its site (it uses a secure third-party platform), students can feel safe disclosing their bank card information.

We recommend that MarvelousEssays incorporate one or more of the internationally recognized and secure payment platforms – PayPal, Apple Pay, and/or Google Pay. Customers can run any bank card through these quite easily.


MarvelousEssays has three on-site policies – Terms and Conditions, Privacy, and Delivery. Students will find some of its guarantees in these, but others are housed within the site content.

Privacy: MarvelousEssays require the name, email, and phone number of all of its customers. It secures this information and does not share it with writers or any others. Should a student ever want to wipe his information from the MarvelousEssays system, he just contacts customer support.

Deadlines Met: promises to meet the deadlines that have been set by students on their order forms. It states that every paper is delivered on time and does not provide what recourse students have if that does not happen.

Free Revisions: Students can ask for revisions for up to 2 days after they have received their final draft. If they pay the $1.95 add-on during the ordering process, they can have up to 6 days.

No Plagiarism: MarvelousEssays does promise that all writing is original. Students may ask for a plagiarism report with their deliveries at no additional cost.

Refunds: There is a large section in the Terms and Conditions policy devoted to the MarvelousEssays refund rules. Students must read these so they understand their rights and their responsibilities.

Is Site Legit? belongs to a larger company, Writology, Ltd, registered and located in Cyprus. This indicates it is foreign-owned, but that in itself is not negative. Many companies locate there because setting up shop is just easier.

Writology has been in business since 2013 and has a writing website of that name, as well as others like MarvelousEssays. They do receive writing orders and deliver those orders back to their customers. They also have a clear process and guarantees. meets our requirements to be considered legitimate.


  • Privacy protected
  • Communication with writers
  • 24/7 customer support department


  • No recourse when the deadline is not met
  • Very short time for free revision requests
  • Mixed reviews from upper-level university and grad students

To Sum Up is a legitimate writing service that has been in operation for at least 4 years. For its writing staff, it has probably relied on the same freelancers that are used by Writology, which has been around a few more years. Students who consider this service need to read this review, consider the company in comparison to others that we rate top-notch before making a decision.