HireWriters has a different strategy when it comes to attracting clients. It managed to take its prices so low that clients can order content for the price of a cup of coffee. As this vendor caught our attention, HireWriters review will tell you everything about the way this company works. We identified many of the characteristics that the competing writing companies offer on the market. On the other hand, we also found some flaws that we consider HireWriters should improve. All information was collected from HireWriters.com. We think that the official site should the starting point for any review as it includes verified details.


HireWriters offers some of the lowest possible prices available on the market. When we first entered on HireWriters.com we found some details related to the fee range. Therefore, we discovered that a client can pay $1.50 for 150 to 300 words. As we didn’t find more details on the pricing matrix and this information intrigued us a lot, we wanted to dig for more information.

Therefore, we discovered the available fees only after we registered on HireWriters.com. Even though we were happy that the vendor offers information on the prices available, we expected to find all these details without being necessary to register on the site. In our opinion, HireWriters should show all prices directly on the homepage and show more transparency.

Coming back to available fees and discounts, we found that the prices differ based on the writers’ skills. If a paper that has a maximum of 300 words will cost the client $1.50 if it is delivered by a beginner, the quotation goes to $7 if it is written by an expert. Also, the higher the number of words will be, the higher the quotation gets. The most expensive type of paper is the one that has more than 2000 words and it is delivered by an expert writer. Its price is of $60.

Apart from essay writing, we also found the fees available for other types of services. For example, a Facebook Fan Post will cost the client from $0.65 to $4.15 per post depending on the type of writer who writes it and the number of words that the client needs.

When it comes to discounts, HireWriters.com offers very little information. While we expected to find a detailed discount program, we were surprised to find details only for new clients. Therefore, according to the information offered by HireWriters, we found that first-time clients will receive a 25% bonus for the first deposit that they make in their account opened on HireWriters.com. The minimum amount that should be deposited is $10.

Types of Services

HireWriters has a clear list of services that it provides for its clients. At first look, it is clear that HireWriters targets different categories of clients. While essay writing works for students, Facebook posts or content management is excellent for entrepreneurs.

Students can order content writing or rewriting services from the writers working for HireWriters. The vendor mentions that it works with more than 1000 English native writers who will use their skills to meet the customer’s requirements. As it works with such a detailed list of services, HireWriters manages to offer content on different types of topics.

Business owners will find many services that serve their needs. For example, they can order content management services or Facebook post creation. Therefore, they can use HireWriters to increase their business visibility and transform leads into real clients. Besides, the prices are quite decent which means that the ROI will be very good if they decide to work with HireWriters.

Unlike other writing companies, clients can find some special services on HireWriters.com. Customers can order transcription services. This means that they can hire a skilled transcriber to transform audio files into text. In general, this type of service works for business owners as well. Another type of service offered by HireWriters is data entry. When you are a busy entrepreneur who doesn’t have enough human resources, you can work with HireWriters and allow the writers to enter your data instead of you.

Payment Solutions

Even though we expected to find details about the available payment instruments on HireWriters.com immediately, this wasn’t possible. So, we registered on the site and explored the methods we could use to pay for the ordered services. Before they start ordering, clients have to deposit money into their accounts. They can do it using different methods, such as:

  • Customers can add money to their accounts via PayPal
  • They can use their debit or credit cards. HireWriters accepts cards issued by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express
  • Customers can choose alternative payment methods. They can add money using AliPay, Ideal, Przelewy24, Bancontact, GiroPay, EPS, Sofort Banking, or WeChat Pay instruments
  • CryptoCurrency is also accepted as an available payment method. Clients can use Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin.

While PayPal or cards are some of the safest payment instruments, we are not so sure about the others. CryptoCurrency and the alternative payment methods are not so popular and customers might have difficulties in finalizing their payments by using them. Therefore, we consider that HireWriters should focus on allowing customers to use only verified instruments. This strategy will convince the clients that they can trust the company.

Terms and Conditions

HireWriters doesn’t have a very detailed Terms and Condition section. We consider this area very important as it can influence the clients’ trust. When we read the terms and conditions available on HireWriters.com, we looked immediately for refunds and revisions clauses. While we expected to find clear terms that help clients understand how they can ask for their money back or free revisions, we were surprised to not find something like this.

For example, the refund policy consists of two rows. It mentions that HireWriters allows refunds only on unspent balance which is not older than 60 days. The company refunds the solicited amount only for the amounts which were not partially spent.

When it comes to revisions, we found some details in the FAQ section. In case the client is not satisfied with the quality delivered by the writer hired on HireWriters.com, the customer has the right to reject it. This option is available only if the customer hasn’t yet accepted the work submitted by the writer. All clients have 72 hours to revise the work and come with a revision or refund request during this period. If they don’t do so, then the vendor will assume that he/she accepted the order.

Besides, in case the writer misses the deadline, HireWriters doesn’t offer any refunds. The company ensures that the order will be immediately taken by another writer who will put all the efforts to deliver the paper as quickly as possible.

Is the Site Legit?

We think HireWriters.com is a legit site. Even though the look didn’t impress us too much, we liked what we found after we registered on the site. Also, we were convinced by the available payment methods. All of them need a legit structure to function. Considering that HireWriters allows clients to pay with PayPal or cards, then it is clear that the vendor has an encrypted payment system.


HireWriters has different positive characteristics:

  • Safe and diverse payment instruments
  • Legit site
  • Low prices
  • An extensive list of services


HireWriters should work on improving the following areas:

  • HireWriters should offer more discounts to clients
  • The vendor doesn’t have a comprehensive policy for revisions or refunds


HireWriters stays competitive on the market by offering some of the lowest prices. It has a comprehensive portfolio of services that serves both students and business owners. Even though the prices are friendly, the discount program is almost inexistent. HireWriters should work more on developing an attractive discount system to catch more returning clients. Also, we liked that they offer different payment instruments for customers. However, we consider that HireWriters should put more efforts to create comprehensive refunds and revisions policies. In this way, the company would inspire more trust in the clients.