In order to create something that is as helpful as possible, we’ve worked hard to answer questions the average student would have about an online writing company. These are:

  • Does GradeOnFire provide services as promised, and deliver them on time?
  • Is writing up to standard?
  • How do prices and discounts compare to other services?
  • Can students place their orders and make payment with confidence?
  • Are their policies and guarantees fair?
  • Have previous customers had good experiences?

In order to answer these questions, we took on the role of a student in need of writing help. We received and reviewed a college essay. We also explored the website. This was to better understand product offerings, read about policies, and compare prices. Finally, we read multiple online reviews of GradeOnFire.

Pricing System

GradeOnFire uses a service based pricing structure. In this industry, that means the customer is charged according to the number of pages they order. Here one page is about 275 words. That’s a standard, double-spaced page of text.

The amount of money charged for each page depends on the type of document, grade level, and due date. For example, GradeOnFire will charge more for a paper for a graduate student due in three days than for a paper written for a high school student.

GradeOnFire does stray slightly from the per page pricing model in some cases. For example, resumes and CV are priced per document. Problem-solving solutions are priced per problem.

What about other charges? There are instances where additional costs may be incurred. However, these are only an issue if the customer selects an extra option that is billable. One example of that is selecting a particular writer. Customers may choose to select a top ten writer, writer from the UK, or the best writer if they are willing to pay an extra charge. They can also pay for additional services, such as top-tier customer service.

GradeOnFire customers must make payment before they receive services. In addition to that, any add-ons that result in additional charges must be paid prior to work continuing.

We compared prices at GradeOnFire to other companies in the same industry. We found that their pricing was quite competitive. The firms we found charging significantly lower prices often had significantly lower quality, and a higher frequency of customer complaints.

Let’s talk about discounts. There is a page on the website that details the available discounts. Most are fairly common. They include first time customer savings, loyalty discounts, and volume discounts. Students are also invited to visit the site frequently to learn about special offers.

Types of Services

GradeOnFire offers the full range of writing, editing, proofreading, and rewriting services. A full description of these services can be found on the website. This includes a write-up on the types of documents available. Here they are:

Editing Proofreading and Rewriting

These services are offered to students, professionals, and job seekers. To obtain this help simply place an order, and upload the relevant documents through the website. These services may be purchased on their own. In addition to that, enhanced editing and proofreading may be ordered as an add-on.


This is the category that contains all writing offerings for business professionals. These services include website content, blog posts, articles, product descriptions, and website reviews. These tend to be used by companies that aren’t in a position to hire in-house writers. While we didn’t focus on copywriting in this review, we did find some customer write-ups that were quite positive.

Resume Services

Job seekers may order resume and CV writing, editing, and design services. In addition to this, the company also offers assistance with cover letters, follow-up letters, and LinkedIn biographies.

Academic Writing

Academic writing services were our primary focus as we researched GradeOnFire, and wrote this review. This subsection of their service offerings involves academic writing for students from high school through doctoral programs. The document types included here vary widely. Some examples are:

  • Essays
  • Term Papers
  • Research Papers
  • Lab Reports
  • Articles
  • Critiques
  • Annotated Bibliographies
  • Analysis Papers
  • Book Reports

To write this review, we arranged to receive a college level essay from GradeOnFire. This document was delivered on time. The writer followed the instructions given to them, used good sources, and maintained good communication. The final document was well-written, and the citations and formatting were in order. A quick review revealed that there were no significant spelling or grammar errors.

Admissions Writing

This service area includes writing and editing of scholarship essays, application essays, and personal statements.

Other Services

GradeOnFire offers assistance with coursework, problem-solving, and multiple choice assignments.

Payment Options

Payments to GradeOnFire may be made online. They are due at the time the order is placed, prior to services being rendered. Any additional payments must be made if the student incurs other costs while the project is being completed.

Payment here can be made via credit or debit car. The consultancy accepts the standard carriers. We should also note that payments are processed using a 3rd party provider that utilizes SSL encryption technology to ensure the safety of all transactions. We did not encounter any issues with the billing and payments processes.


In this section of the review, we will cover what we believe to be the primary concerns that students will have. These insights come from our own experiences, reading student reviews online, and going over the policy pages that are published on the website. Here are the major worries that we believe students have when choosing an online writing provider:

  • That they will receive any product at all.
  • Whether the paper will be delivered on time.
  • If they can make payment safely and securely.
  • In the event of an issue that they will be treated fairly.
  • Their paper will be original and written as instructed.
  • That they will receive a refund if they do not receive a paper.
  • Student personal and financial data is stored securely with respect for data privacy requirements.

In reading student reviews of GradeOnFire, we found very few reviews that indicated service related issues. In the few that did, the vast majority showed the customer was satisfied with the resolution. This indicates to us that policies are enforced fairly.

In terms of our own experiences, we received our paper on time, and everything was agreed upon. Because of this, we didn’t have to engage with the company over their policies or guarantees.

Finally, we reviewed the site’s policy pages. These included their policies on refunds, originality, and customer privacy. We discovered that their policies are fair and easy to read. They are also within industry standards. Customers should read these before placing an order, but can feel confident knowing that they will receive an original paper, delivered on time. If they do not, they will be entitled to a refund or free revisions.

Is GradeOnFire Legit?

We state with confidence that this is a legitimate website. is a reputable website, and the company has established an excellent reputation for delivering quality products, and abiding by promises they make to customers.

While there is no way that we can guarantee that every customer will have a perfect experience, this company has a great track record. Because of this, we are confident in recommending that students add this to their list of preferred writing sites.


As part of our review process, we attempt to isolate some of the most positive and negative attributes about a writing service. We were fortunate to discover several positive factors such as:

  • High quality writing.
  • Consistent delivery of products.
  • Impressive customer satisfaction ratings.
  • Large variety of service offerings.
  • Secure payment options.


We found relatively few issues when reviewing GradeOnFire. The problems we did find were exceptionally minor, and could be considered ‘suggestions for improvement’. For example, we think customers would benefit from having more payment options. In addition to that, some visual content or study guides could be helpful to students.

To Sum Up

Our experiences with GradeOnFire were entirely positive. Because of this, we are happy to endorse this online content provider. Students who order papers here can expect to receive quality work that is delivered on time. In addition to this, their services are offered at competitive prices with excellent discounts. These conclusions were drawn based on our experiences with this writing provider, exhaustive readings of customer reviews, and reviewing website content and policy pages. It is our belief that students who place an order here will receive excellent work that meets or exceeds their expectations. Please consider using this site, or taking a look at our additional reviews for more insights.