Site Overview

GradeMiners is an online essay writing service that assists students with their academic papers, tasks, and assignments. This company is among those that learners contract when it comes to handling assignments. Information on its website indicates that it can handle tasks in more than 50 subjects, manage any job, churn out high-quality stuff, and fast around – although much of this is unverifiable and, in some cases, not the reality of the service.

GradeMiners website also indicates that it has been in this line of work for quite some time. Numbers it provides on the site show that has been in writing in 10 years, and has delivered 97% of all orders in a timely fashion.

This entity also features 3,500 experts in its employ and a nine out of possible ten clients reporting better scores from using this entity’s services. This outfit also works on tasks in a wide variety of fields and academic disciplines.

Pricing System

GradeMiners has a price calculation tool that allows students to compute the prices of the services they are about to seek from the company. This tool has various inputs and variables that dictate the overall cost. The type of the task, level of education, deadline or time-frame of the job, and number of pages influence the pricing of the offering.

Various offerings are ranging from essays to business plans to PhD dissertations or theses. Different tasks are for distinct academic levels. While the educational level variable dictates the pricing and gravity of the task, choosing a particular job like an essay or dissertation or capstone project adjusts the level of education to its rightful place.

The urgency of the task is also a key component or ingredient in pricing, as more time for execution means that writers have all the leeway of handling or executing the task. Less time for implementation implies that the pros have to rapidly work on the task at hand to come up with a turnaround.

For a 275-words long, 1-page essay, the person at high school will have to fork out $11.31 if they expect to get the product in a 7-day time-frame. For college, undergraduate, Master’s, and PhD, the prices will be $13.28, $15.57, $19.83, and $21.96. Since there are special prices for first orders, the prices would shape up to be $9.61, $11.29, $13.23, $16.86, and $18.67, respectively.

Noteworthy is that the type of essay also greatly influences the price, as some projects carry more weight and therefore cost more than others.

Types of Services offers different services to its customers across distinct levels of education. These include essays, assignments, course work, research as well as term papers, case studies, presentations, reports and reviews, dissertations.

Analysis and assessment of these offerings show that GradeMiners mainly offers academic writing services to its customers. This assistance varies according to the level of education and technicality as well.

There are other tasks that GradeMiners handles on behalf of its clients, including a research proposal, laboratory reports, Math problems, movie reviews, theses, and cover letter writing. This batch of offerings highlights the dispersion of the assistance offered concerning the academic level.

Math problems are mainly tasks that those in high school handle. At the same time, a thesis is primarily the preserve of postgraduate students, illustrating the diversity in the offerings at this writing company.

There are other offerings as resume writing, paper writing, personal statements, and homework that individuals can seek from GradeMiners.

A key point to note is that while some tasks might be common across academic levels, they vary in technicality, complexity, and difficulty, and might require more effort, time and resources to handle adequately.

Other secondary services that offers include editing and proofreading. These are auxiliary services because they do not involve the primary aspect of writing content from scratch.

Those who seek this kind of help often have their write-ups ready but do not have the appropriate skill-set to refine, fine-tune, and modify the work to reflect their course instructors and professors’ requirements.

This establishment does the job of refining and reviewing this content to ensure that various aspects like punctuation, spelling, and structure are exemplary. Also, refining efforts helps to polish and improve the form, style, and tone, which are crucial in this area, especially when working essays, research papers, or even business proposals.

Payment Options

Learners have to make payments before they can get the turnaround of the orders placed with GradeMiners. This necessitates the use of payment mechanisms and methods. However, GradeMiners does not accept any other payment option that is out there and thus has specific options to work with. These include American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover.

It is worth keeping in mind that these are the same options and channels that uses when facilitating refunds to learners in cases where there was under-achievement of the student’s instructions.

While some options do not work some of the time, customers can try out all options to look for the option that suits them.


Money-Back Guarantee

Some circumstances warrant a refund from GradeMiners due to different reasons. There is a money-back guarantee that determines why, how, or when refunds should happen when working with this company.

When a customer orders a paper and the expert works on the article, but the customer feels that they do not like the execution in that requirements went unmet, they are eligible for a refund, but only if they have not made a download of the turnaround.

While students can seek refunds to their credit cards, this money can also be in their account, effectively allowing them to spend it at a later date in the future.

Refund requests undergo a series of steps under a confirmation procedure.

Confidentiality Guarantee

According to its site, this company does not share any personal customer data with other third parties. Therefore, learners can rest assured that their transactions with GradeMiners are entirely private. However, customers must note that this is information on the entity’s website, and no corroborations or testimonials are confirming the same.


Students can request revisions from the expert without any limit. However, this is only when the revision request is within two weeks from the expert’s delivery of the task. After this period, learners who request revision will have to pay for consideration of their requests.

Customer Support

There are assurances and guarantees from of constant support and communication for efficient operations regarding communication and customer support.

Is This Company Legit

GradeMiners offers a variety of services, and its website claims to have the requisite expertise to handle the tasks that come its way. However, this is contrary to the information on customer testimonials and feedback.

Students point to a service that misses some vital operational elements, which weigh down the company and its service delivery. Internal research and secondary information also indicate that there are areas where this entity does a substandard job.

Most information out there pokes holes on the suitability and reliability of this entity, which indicates that this establishment is not a legitimate operation as this GradeMiners review indicates.


Top-notch Customer Support – Students can easily reach writers and the support department if there are issues that need to be addressed.

Average content quality – GradeMiners does an excellent job with regards to the content it churns out, and learners can bank on the delivery of the experts in this company.


Plagiarism – Some turnarounds from this outfit have traces of copied content from other materials – pointing out plagiarism in the execution process.

Pricing – The charges for the various services on this company trump the industry averages and standards. This, coupled with plagiarism, cast doubt on the quality of execution at GradeMiners.


While GradeMiners checks some boxes regarding industry standards, there are many aspects that it lags. The main shortcoming of this company’s operations is plagiarism, which is a massive letdown for companies operating in this space.

Students who use GradeMiners might end up registering poor grades, which is why this entity is unreliable. However, other entities know their stuff and can quickly get the job done. Outfits like PenDrago, Eduvinci, Edudemius, and EssayPro know how to juggle these tasks appropriately. Learners are, therefore, better off working with these establishments.