Site Overview

ExpertPaperHelp is a popular online writing provider. The vast majority of their products and services are geared towards high school and university students. The company is owned by R. P Writing Technologies. This is a European firm that is the parent company behind multiple content service providers. was created to serve students and business professionals in English-speaking countries.

This review will showcase whether this is a reliable service for students or one they should avoid. We investigated ExpertPaperHelp thoroughly to answer the following questions:

  • Does the company write quality papers for students at all academic levels?
  • Do they deliver those papers on time?
  • Are their prices competitive?
  • What about discounts or special offers?
  • Is it easy to place an order or make payments?
  • How do previous customers feel?
  • What points stand out (good or bad)?
  • Do we endorse ExpertPaperHelp?

We find the answers to these questions by exploring the website, reviewing a completed essay, researching the company online, and engaging with other customers.

Pricing System

ExpertPaperHelp publishes a helpful pricing table. Thanks to this, students know exactly what they can expect to spend on each order. This is a service based pricing model. That means the company has set prices that it charges depending on the work that is ordered. This is in contrast to a marketplace that is based on bids.

At expert help, work such as writing, editing, proofreading, and copywriting are charged per page. Resumes and CVs are charged per document. Mathematics, economics, and other problem-solving is charged per problem.

For each service category, rates start relatively low. For example, writing for a high school student begins at $12.99 per page. This for an academic paper with a 14 day deadline. As the grade level increases, so does the price. The cost per page also goes up if the due dates are shorter. The most expensive paper in this category would be an ExpertPaperHelp paper for a doctoral student that is due within six hours. That is 47.99 per page. We should note that admission writing and dissertation services are in separate categories. These are priced separately.

Discounts are an important part of the pricing system on First time customers may receive a coupon code for 15% off of their first order. The company also has a lifetime discount. This increases according to the total number of pages the customer has ordered. Finally, students are encouraged to visit the website regularly. This is, so they can take advantage of special offers and discounts.

Types of Services

Although ExpertPaperHelp is largely focused on academic writing, that is not all they offer. From the website, we learned that they provide several categories of services. These include:


These services include resume and CV writing and editing, LinkedIn profiles, cover letters, resume and CV review, follow-up letters, and resume/cover letter packages. ExpertPaperHelp also offers resume services focusing on different professional stages such as entry-level, career change, and military resumes.


These are the services dedicated to business writing. Here, ExpertPaperHelp will assist with press releases, blog posts, web content, news articles, reviews, etc.

Admission Services

Students often need help with the documents required to earn admissions into spots at competitive colleges and universities. These include personal statements, scholarship essays, and admissions essays.

Dissertation Services

ExpertPaperHelp offers dissertation services. These cover assistance for the various chapters, editing, and help with any related presentations.

Academic Paper Writing

This is arguably the flagship service offered by ExpertPaperHelp. This is also the service category that we focused on for this review. Academic writing includes research papers, essays, term papers, articles, critiques, lab reports, book reviews, presentations, annotated bibliographies, and more. These are offered in a wide variety of academic subject areas.


These are offered as standalone services. Students may also include proofreading and editing when they place orders for writing services.

Problem-Solving/Multiple Choice Questions

Students working on assignments in the areas of physics, mathematics, etc. may obtain help with complex equations and problems. The service also offers assistance with multiple choice questions.

Overall, we were quite impressed with the wide variety of service offerings available here. We also appreciated that the order form allows students to determine which academic areas are available. This should help most visitors at ensure they select the appropriate details for their writing assignment.

Payment Options

There’s nothing particularly revolutionary here, and that’s not a bad thing. ExpertPaperHelp accepts all the standard payment methods. These include debit and credit cards, wire transfers, and PayPal. This means that almost any student should be able to find a payment option that works for them. More importantly, payment processing is done securely. The company utilizes a third party system. It makes use of SSL security to encrypt transactions and keep information safe. While we did not encounter any complaints about mishandling of financial data, we always urge students to select the payment method they believe is safest. We generally prefer PayPal.


Before you decide to place an order at a site like ExpertPaperHelp, it is imperative that you review any of their policies and guarantees. Remember that a writing service can make a wide variety of marketing claims. You need guarantees as proof that they back these claims up. We’ve taken time to go over these, and they are as follows:


There is a very detailed privacy policy published at It goes over which customer data is collected, how it is used, and who may have access to it. The page also shows how third parties may be able to view customer data and how other third parties are denied access without permission. It even details how non-identifying data is used for the purpose of analytics and website improvement. Finally, customers are told their rights regarding the use and storage of their information.


For the most part, refunds are offered when little or no work has been completed on an assignment. For example, a customer will receive a full refund if they cancel an order before any work begins. Likewise, a full refund is granted if a writer is unable to be assigned to an order. The service also offers refunds when the deadline is missed. In that case, the customer forfeits any rights to the final product.

There are also cases where a partial refund may be granted, or a dispute process may be triggered. For instance, if an order is canceled after some work has been delivered. Our research indicates that disputes are settled fairly overall with consideration being given to the customer in many cases.


Plagiarism is a key concern. Fortunately, the site mentions several times that they do not accept any work that is not original. A full refund is granted if any plagiarism is discovered. In addition to this, students may request a plagiarism scan report.

Is Site Legit?

During our ExpertPaperHelp review, we consider two things when determining legitimacy. First, does the service deliver papers as promised, process payments appropriately, and generally operate as an ethical business. We can confidently state that ExpertPaperHelp meets all of those criteria.

Next, we consider the overall quality. Of course, we prioritize writing. In that case, they do very well. The paper we reviewed was top-notch. They are also reputable among their other customers. Our final determination is that this is a legitimate site that students can trust.


We have several positives to mention. These are:

  • Good quality writing and customer support.
  • Reasonable prices and attractive discounts.
  • Fair policies that are described clearly.
  • Safe and flexible payment options.
  • Good reputation among previous customers.
  • A variety of writing products and services.
  • Good quality control.


We searched high and low to find any negatives that were worth including here. We couldn’t find any that were relevant to overall site quality, writing, or trustworthiness. Think of these as a couple of issues that could result in even better customer experience at ExpertPaperHelp.

  • The blog could stand to have some newer posts.
  • Would love to see them offer modern payment choices. Students would love to pay using Crypto or digital wallets such as Google Pay.

To Sum Up

We are happy to endorse ExpertPaperHelp. This service has been used by university students for writing and academic assistance for many years. They have established an excellent reputation. Further, the paper we received from ExpertPaperHelp exceeded our expectations. The writing was grade-level appropriate. The writer used excellent resources. All the required elements were present, and the citations were correct. We rank this a top choice for writing services. We strongly believe that students can expect to receive excellent service and a product that works for them.