These reviews can save students lots of time investigating on their own. They also will help students avoid making the mistake of choosing a bad writing service.

This EssayShark review has been prepared using the common criteria that we do for all of our writing service reviews. Read on and learn all about this company,

Payment System

The EssayShark business model does not provide a set pricing system. We have seen this model more frequently of late, and it is worth looking at how it actually works.

Customers place an order, specifying all of the details. Rather than receiving a price, that order is placed on an “order board” on the website. Registered writers then access that board and choose to place bids on those orders which they feel comfortable completing. They contact the customer with a bid price. The customer then may speak directly with the bidders and “interview” them, so to speak. Ultimately, it is up to the customer to negotiate the price and to select the writer he feels will do the best job.

Obviously, the elements that impact the final pricing of traditional models do not apply here. There are no discounts or fee-based “add-ons.” The price agreed upon by the customer and writer is final and fixed.

The EssayShark business model can be a benefit for student customers, if they know the right questions to ask of the bidders and if they are skilled negotiators.

Types of Services

Given that EssayShark states it has a huge pool of expert researchers and writers, it is able to offer every kind of writing product or service a student might need. In fact, the website speaks to all of these services in several places – on some of its pages and on footer pages that can be found at the bottom of any site page. To sum up all that EssayShark states it can offer, take a look at the following:

  • Any kind of custom, original academic writing – this category would include essays, term/research papers, book reviews, literature reviews, case studies, research projects, presentations, and even help with any sections or chapters of theses and dissertations.
  • Coursework: Students can get help with any type of homework assignment, and this includes those complex STEM projects – problem sets, calculations, modeling, etc. According to EssayShark, there are plenty of topic-area experts to take these on.
  • Admissions/Scholarship Essays: These pieces require creative writers – writers who can take personal information and experiences of customers and turn them into engaging and compelling pieces that will set them apart from the competition. EssayShark states that it has a pool of such writers.

We are impressed with the scope of services EssayShark offers. What we also must assess is the quality of these products/services. To do this, we did the following:

  • We reviewed еhe website content, looking for exceptional grammar and composition. We found it to be reasonably well-written, indicating that student products will probably be reasonably well-written too.
  • We checked with our own users who have placed and received orders from EssayShark. Their comments and conversations showed a mixed bag. Some students were pleased with their results, others not so much. If we were to hazard a guess, we’d say that quality is a result of the specific writer a student chooses
  • There are sample writings on the EssayShark website, and we checked a few of them out. They were well-written, and those that required research were cited correctly.
  • We did look at customer reviews on Sitejabber, a consumer review website. Again, reviews were mixed.

What we can conclude from our quality investigation is that EssayShark customer satisfaction is wholly a result of the writer that a student chooses. This puts a lot of responsibility on the student to choose wisely.

Payment Methods

Like most other writing services, EssayShark accepts payments via all major credit and debit cards, as well as Apple Pay, which is a secure platform.

We were not able to get a handle on how EssayShark actually secures payment methods, such as using a secure third-party processing firm. What they ask customers to do is this: choose a writer and agree upon a price. Then, make payment of that agreed upon price and put it on account with the company. Payment will be released to the writer, minus the EssayShark cut after the customer approves and takes delivery. When there are issues related to customer approval, the customer support department hears those complaints and makes a decision.

We would like to see more information about how EssayShark protects customer financial information.

Guarantees has several written policies that provide guarantees to its customers. These are much like the policies we see from other reputable writing companies. But, because the business model is a bit different from the traditional one, the guarantees have a different slant. That said, here are those promises:

  • Customer Satisfaction: EssayShark does promise that customers will be satisfied or that it will intervene to see that they are. It does have a customer support department that is open 24 hours that will “run interference” if customers are having difficulty getting their writers to respond. It also states that it will not release the money to a writer until the customer is happy.
  • Privacy: There is an privacy policy that is comparable to those we see on many other writing service websites. It does promise to protect personal information of its customers.
  • Customer Support: EssayShark customer support department is open 24/7 to handle any issues that students may have.
  • Money-Back: This policy is a bit confusing, but in short, funds are released to a student’s writer in progressive payments as the work progresses. At any point, a student can cancel the rest of an order and receive a refund of what is left.

The guarantees provided by EssayShark are a bit different from those we usually see, but this is a factor of the business model.

Is Site Legit?

EssayShark has been in business for 9 years now. Its website represents that company honestly. It is very clear about how students request help and choose their writers; it takes payments and releases them to writers, taking its own cut. It does have certain guarantees. And certainly, there are customers who are satisfied with their experiences. So, in all of these aspects, yes, is a legitimate site.


Here are what we can offer as the pros of using

  • Clear and honest presentation of its process
  • Allows students to interview bidders
  • Students can negotiate a price for their orders
  • Customer support available 24/7
  • Samples are well-written
  • Blog is current


Yes, there are some cons:

  • Inexperienced students must interview bidders
  • Inexperienced students must engage in negotiations over pricing
  • Customers must rely on customer support if things go wrong

To Sum Up has been around for a while. It offers a legitimate writing service to students – students who want to take charge of who will be fulfilling their orders. The use of this service will require some good skills on the part of student customers – specifically the ability to interview bidders and some skill as pricing is negotiated. We can recommend EssayShark to students who believe they have these abilities.