Site Overview

EssayPro offers a wide assortment of academic help to its clients, who are mostly students across different institutions of learning who pursue various courses. On its website, there is proper and comprehensive information that is easy to read, absorb, and digest for students looking for writing assistance.

Various buttons make navigation easy, which is the whole essence of these writing outfits. With 4.9, 4.9, and 4.8 ratings regarding EssayPro reviews, ResellerRatings, and Sitejabber, this entity is a leading outfit in this space that attends to student tasks precision.

The process of ordering a paper on this outfit is elaborate and straightforward, as shown on the site. It involves students giving the requirements of the task at hand, which will lead to picking the most suitable writer by Hereafter, there will be the execution of the job, which will follow the delivery of the product to the customer.

Pricing System

EssayPro has a pricing system that allows people to use various variables to determine the cost of a particular offering. Broadly, there are three categories of services that EssayPro implements in its pricing formula, and these are writing, rewriting, and editing.

Under the writing category, there are different offerings, including admission essays, literature reviews, presentations, and other offerings. Regardless of the type of task that a client picks, the cost for a one-page job is $10.8. EssayPro‘s page has 275 words, and this pricing is for a task within a 2-week time-frame.

In the rewriting section, there is a variation in the pricing. When compared to writing, rewriting is more comfortable since it involves redoing already-written content by a person. Just like with writing, there is a whole array of tasks under this area. Any written material can undergo rewriting, which forms the central premise and substance of this category.

For a task whose deadline is two weeks, a 275-words page will go for $7.56. The final category under EssayPro‘s pricing system is editing. This involves fine-tuning content, clearing the material of any errors that might interfere with the integrity and quality of the content. charges a fee of $5.4 per page with 275 words and a deadline of 2 weeks. However, it is essential to note that these prices all assume a time-frame of 14 days. Inputting another time-frame or deadline means that the prices will adjust accordingly.

A tighter deadline will imply a sense of urgency hence a high price, while an even more extended period will attract a lower price.

Types of Services

There are various services that EssayPro offers to learners. Most of these services are academic – and they could be technical or non-technical. These offerings include three broad categories, which are paperwork, coursework or homework, or other assignments.

Under paperwork, there are various services on offer, including working essays, case studies, reports, research papers, literature reviews, business plans, reflective writing, term papers, dissertations or theses, and research proposals.

However, it is worth noting that this pool of offerings goes with the client’s level of education, as at some levels of education, clients order some specific papers or tasks that are distinct from what others order with regards to their levels of education.

There are also other services, including presentations, annotated bibliographies, article reviews, creative writing, coursework, and mainly for high school and college students, there are homework assignments, Statistics, Physics, Engineering, Biology, Chemistry, Math, and Geography assignments.

Other tasks within the scope of EssayPro operations include multiple-choice questions, short answer questions, and word problems. These are assignments that are purely areas of focus for students pursuing high school studies.

There are also other tasks that this entity handles, which are not necessarily or entirely writing processes from scratch. Editing of content, proofreading, and paraphrasing are all offerings at this establishment.

At times, students craft their essays or papers; or even work on their assignments of various kinds. But they might be uncertain about the quality of the work, its composition, form, or structure.

Some thus seek help to have their work polished or edited. Editing and proofreading services mainly involve removing poor sentences, bad grammar use, and correction of spelling errors. Also, the goals of proofreading and editing include adjusting the flow of content, writing style, and tone of the write-up.

Payment Options

For the processing of payments, uses various methods to ensure that students can affect their obligations to the company. The operating business model of EssayPro involves students paying for the orders they place before writers can send the completed products to the clients.

Therefore, for clients to receive their tasks, they need to ensure that they meet their obligations. Students and clients can use available payment options: American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover Network.

In some other cases, EssayPro might have to process refunds for services whose execution was not per the client’s instructions or requirements.


Money-Back Guarantee

There are various guarantees that EssayPro gives with regards to refunds. In some situations, the execution of the placed orders might not follow the client’s requirements. In some cases, there are issues that could happen and prevent students from getting a quality turnaround.

When you place an order on this company, and there is no writer available to work on your paper, you will get a 100% refund. However, in cases where a writer is there and is working on your order, and you choose to cancel, then there will be a 70% refund to the client.

When the expert works on your paper, but delays with delivery, or other circumstances come in the way of the delivery, you will get a refund that will be commensurate to the delay as the company will compensate the writer for their time and resources spent.

When there is a dispute regarding the quality of work, and the student wants a refund, there will be an examination from to help determine the matter. Clients who claim that there is plagiarism in the product will have to prove the same by submitting a Turnitin report. Plagiarism complaints from students that have no proof do not get any form of attention from this outfit.

However, there will not be refunds of any kind to the customer if there are delayed payments. If clients use the content they get from this company in their academic settings and do not score impressive grades, as a result, there will be no refunds from this entity.

Is This Outfit Legit

This company is a legitimate establishment that provides writing help to students as this EssayPro review notes. The website gives a lot of details and information about its operations, all of which are in line with customer testimonials, feedback, and reviews.

Independent research about the operations of this establishment also shows a service that does an excellent job in its execution. The expertise and overall experience of the folks working at this establishment shows and proves that the company can handle the offerings on its site.

Further, the guarantees and assurances, and the fact that this entity fulfills them every time there is a complaint or breach of contract. This cements the fact that EssayPro is a legitimate entity that knows its job.


Timely delivery – EssayPro handles client tasks and submits them within the time-frame stipulated in the instructions, and sometimes, even earlier.

Fair pricing – For students, the offerings are fair and reasonable, and most students can afford them.

Vast offerings – There are many services offered here, which means clients can get the relevant assistance here.


Poor Customer Support – There is no proper communication platform between the students and EssayPro, which results in challenges checking progress or giving new instructions.

Inconsistency – There are problems with the quality of the delivery. At times, the company churns out first-rate content. Some other times, however, the quality is not that impressive.

Summary is a leading establishment that offers and extends academic assistance to learners. There are experts on the company with years of experience in this line of work. This allows this entity to execute well and create first-rate products continuously.

Besides, there are solid guarantees that this entity gives, which reassures all those who seek services here. The information, reviews, and customer testimonials on the web and various other places also show that this entity knows its stuff and does not disappoint clients.

A key factor also is its reasonable pricing. This allows individuals to check out the company mainly because it is affordable to work with EssayPro.