By far, our top resource, though, is our bank of reviews of online writing companies – lots of them – and we keep doing more. Our goal is that students will have factual information about writing agencies before they put out good money for products or services they need.

This EssayEdge review is one of our most recent efforts, and we have lots of information to share. First, it is important to let you know that the focus of EssayEdge is not a standard one. This company focuses on student writing tasks for college, grad, and professional school applications.

Payment System pricing system is not like those of most other writing agencies. It provides a variety of package options for students who need writing, editing, and/or proofreading admissions application help. Each package has a starting price and increases based upon the total number of words involved. The packages are as follows:

  • Proofreading – Pricing begins at $69, with a 48-hour turnaround
  • Standard Package begins at $149 with a 48 turnaround and includes editing and proofreading.
  • All-in-One Package begins at $229 and includes different types of documents, help with structure, editing, and proofreading, with a 7-day turnaround.
  • The Premier Package begins at $379 and includes longer-term advising and personal interaction between student and editor.

EssayEdge also offers editing and proofreading of student academic papers, but there is little-to-no detail on its site about this service.

If a student has quite a few documents and needs assistance with all of them, EssayEdge can be pretty pricey – it does charge by the word.

Types of Services

We already said that EssayEdge focuses on college and grad school application materials. The website also states that it does not actually produce these documents for students – it provides guidance, it reviews and makes suggestions for improvement, it edits, and it proofreads. The types of products involved in this are as follows:

  • Undergraduate admissions essays: This includes both a selected prompt option from the Common Application, as well as any supplementary essay writing an individual school might require.
  • Personal Statement Essays: These essays are in response to prompts from graduate and professional schools as part of the application process.
  • Statement of Purpose: EssayEdge consultants assist in crafting these formal statements that present a student’s summary of his achievements, skills, background, and academic goals.
  • Motivation Letter: These pieces are much like personal statements but are not in response to an essay prompt. Students summarize their goals, why they have selected a specific field of study, their personal interests, and the reasons for selecting the institution to which they are applying.
  • Cover Letters to accompany application packages, if appropriate.
  • Addendums: These are not common but are written when a student must further explain something from the applicant material – an illness that resulted in a temporary drop in grades, for example.

Far more detailed information about each of these EssayEdge services, as well as a full listing of the academic fields for which there is help, there are footer pages. Students should review these.

We also wanted to look at the product quality that EssayEdge typically produces. Fortunately, there were some factors we could evaluate:

  • We accessed a number of samples that publishes on its site. These are not actual pieces that students submitted but were composed of EssayEdge employees. They are divided into categories – medical school, law school, business school, graduate school, and college. These were well-written pieces.
  • Some of our site registrants have used services. For the most part, they expressed satisfaction with the results. There were a few minor complaints, but all stated that EssayEdge was trustworthy and delivered on time.
  • On consumer review sites, there are lots of positive reviews by ESL students who apply to American universities. Some of these students have also used paper writing/editing services.

Quality seems to be present, especially for high school and ESL students.

Payment Methods

Payment is made at the time of placing an order for a specific package and the uploading of documents that the student has produced thus far.

Customers can use their major bank cards to make a payment, and EssayEdge also provides payment through PayPal. This is a newer service by which customers can run their cards through the PayPal platform without having an account there. It is quite secure and is really a preferred method of payment for a lot of retailers.

We encourage customers of EssayEdge to use PayPal for their payments.

Guarantees has two policies – Privacy and Terms and Conditions. Students should read through these so they understand their rights and responsibilities.

EssayEdge Privacy Policy guarantees confidentiality to all users of its company. It will not reveal personal information about its customers to any third party. Each customer has a personal account with, and it is his responsibility to keep that account confidential.

The Terms of Service agreement details the types of assistance students can order and receive. It clearly states that editing is a subjective activity, though, and therefore cannot guarantee that the final products students receive will result in successful admissions.

Refunds: These are handled on an individual basis but are really meant for circumstances in which editors/consultants do not fulfill their responsibilities. Refunds are not given if students are not successful in getting admissions to schools.

The nature of services means that it does not give the same guarantees that other standard writing services do. Students must decide if the quality is there to warrant the lack of guarantees.

Is Site Legit? is a part of a larger company, Student Media, LLC, and is an American company that has been registered in the state of Delaware since 2018. Legally, then, it is fully legitimate.

Based upon our research and the feedback that customers have provided, EssayEdge can be trusted to take orders and payments, to assign appropriate editors/advisors, and to deliver finished products back to student customers.


  • Degreed and qualified advisors and editors
  • Well-organized website with loads of information
  • Good samples
  • Clear pricing


  • Costs can become pricey, based on packages and number of words
  • Guarantees are limited
  • No information provided about academic paper help
  • Getting discounts requires registration with another site

To Sum Up is a writing company with a very specific focus – assisting students with their application documents for college, grad, and professional schools. There are editor profiles and credentials published on the site. And the EssayEdge site itself is well-organized and provides very detailed information. From customer comments, this is probably a good choice for ESL students applying to English-speaking schools and for high school students.