Site Overview

EssayBox is an online writing entity that works on various academic tasks on behalf of students. This company prides itself on original writing from scratch and solid money-back guarantees, as stated on the website, though this is not verifiable.

EssayBox mainly handles academic tasks, and there is a brief process involved when it comes to working with this outfit. There is a price calculator that allows learners to estimate the price of the services they are about to seek from this establishment.

There are top essay writers with the relevant academic skills and qualifications and writing experience that handle these orders on behalf of the learners. These experts are pros in different fields, making a versatile company as far as executing orders goes.

Tons of services on the website across a wide variety of academic disciplines and on different levels of education are also the main feature of the operations of EssayBox writing service.

Pricing System

On its website, EssayBox has a pricing calculator that allows learners to compute the price of the tasks they are about to order. The pricing system uses some inputs to arrive at the charge that the student will have to pay.

Vital influencing inputs include the type of task, academic level of the person, deadline of the job, and number of pages of the task in question. The key variable that influences the price is the type of task.

A case in point is the variation in price between a PowerPoint presentation and essay. All factors kept constant: the level of education, time-frame of execution, and number of pages, an essay would fetch $16 while a PowerPoint Presentation would bring $8 for a 1-page task required in 15 days or more.

As the complexity increases and academic level progresses, so do the costs involved. An essay would cost $20 for the undergraduate in years 1 and 2, $23 for the senior undergraduate, $28 for Master’s, and $33 for PhD. All these prices assume a turnaround period of two weeks or more.

Another key variable in calculating the prices of tasks or orders is the number of pages required by the learner. As the number of pages increases, the costs will increase. However, more pages mean more work, which could be subject to other modified arrangements on the part of both the student and

Types of Services

There is a whole array of services that EssayBox offers to its customers. These offerings depend on the level of education of the client and subject areas or disciplines. Broadly, this entity offers help with essays, research papers, term papers, dissertations, theses, grant proposals, personal statements, outlines, paper writing, and book reports.

Most of these offerings point to a company that leans heavily on extending academic aid to students on various educational levels. Other offerings by EssayBox include book reviews, assignments, coursework, speech, movie reviews, resumes, laboratory reports, research proposals, and capstone projects. can handle various types of tasks primarily because of the seasoned and well-skilled professionals working at the company. The depth and technicality of some of these tasks mean that the experts have proper experience to deliver whenever customers task them.

Other offerings include web content, annotated bibliography, corporate documents, college writing, and custom writing services. As far as education goes, there could be other non-traditional assignments that students might have to handle.

For such tasks, students can get customized help from EssayBox, depending on the job’s instructions and requirements. Tasks like grant proposals and corporate documents also indicate that this outfit well handles tasks that are not just within the purview of education or academics.

Editing, proofreading services, and related writing efforts are also those works that this outfit does. While these differ materially from traditional tasks that involve coming up with content from scratch, they are mostly content enhancement and enrichment jobs that EssayBox expertise manages.

In a good majority of content enhancement cases, learners seek expertise to polish and fine-tune their content to ensure that it is readable, clean, and of high quality. This establishment also handles assignments that are mostly what high school students handle in their day to day studies. These could be assignments in various subjects or areas, including Maths, Physics, or Chemistry.

Payment Options

The order placement process is not complete unless there is a payment for the client’s services to For these transactions to happen, there must be proper and elaborate payment options. To this end, this outfit avails a set of options for payments and transactions as far as business with students goes.

These options include PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. From time to time, EssayBox also processes refunds when there are disputes or failures in execution on the part of the entity, or on the part of the learner. In such instances, this outfit utilizes these options for facilitating transactions.


Money-Back Guarantee

It is not every other day that operations at this establishment go smoothly. At different times, some issues come in the way of handling these tasks. When this happens, there are guarantees that EssayBox has to ensure that the student does not lose out.

Students can receive a full refund when they contact the support department at EssayBox and cancel the order before the writer starts working on it. In case the writer is well underway in the execution of the particular task, then the learner gets a partial refund that reflects the efforts and time the writer used thus far.

Human is to error, and there are times clients could send double payments to EssayBox. When this happens, and students reach out to the company, they will be eligible for a full refund when they request them. Students can also request the establishment to add these funds to their account for future transaction purposes.

Identical order placement will see the client get a full refund since there are two similar orders. This could be different if such order placement is out of the client’s own volition to receive two products handled by two various experts.

Though rare, there are circumstances where no writer is available to handle a task, and in such an event, processes a full refund. EssayBox policy is to refund an amount that equals delays in the event, there are delays in submitting the product to the client.

Is The Company Legit

Most information this entity has on its website would have you believe that they are a top service and know how to get things done. However, this is not the case. There is a lot of information in the form of student feedback on the website usage that points to an entity that does not get right how it operates.

What the company says about its website’s services does not check out as personal experience, and internal research points to a different picture on the offerings.


Customer Support – The upside of EssayBox is that they have quality customer support that allows students to submit their issues to the company.

Good content – Content above average makes this company an entity that people can get content from and register good grades whenever they submit it to their course instructors.


Prices – EssayBox charges high fees for what it offers, which are well above the industry charges.

Revisions – This establishment does not do good work as far as revisions for content go.

Guarantees and assurances – Some customer testimonials and feedback point to guarantees that are not solid as there have been circumstances where there was no recourse.


As much as this outfit gives details and information on its site pointing to a leading outfit, it does not check all boxes as far as standards go in this area. Some of the guarantees and assurances that this entity gives are not solid.

This EssayBox review shows assurances regarding revisions go unmet and unfulfilled whenever customers request revisions for those tasks they feel are half-baked. Further, there are glaring inconsistencies in what they offer to what they can do.

Learners stand to benefit more by working with seasoned and established services like PenDrago, Eduvinci, Edudemius, and EssayPro. These are services that have substantial experience and top-notch expertise on board.