Site Overview

Eduvinci is an online establishment that offers academic aid to students, across a range of education levels. The entity focuses on providing custom assistance and prices differently depending on the factors mentioned above. has a detailed procedure for handling the work that comes it’s way, as outlined on its website. This involves customers filling the order form, further computing the price, and delivery of the product.

Compared to other industry practices and operations, this entity has a brief and elaborate process that allows students to get the assistance they need quickly. There are various financial mechanisms and options to process payments.

The people who handle Eduvinci hail from different academic areas and fields. The site also offers 24/7 support. This ensures that the learners can track the progress of the job they assign to the company as this Eduvinci review indicates.

Pricing System

Eduvinci has a pricing system that varies significantly with the system of other entities. An online price calculator allows users to compute the prices of the help they are about to seek from the company. This price calculator is different from what you’d see in other establishments.

Here, people adjust the variables to determine what set of variables best suit them as far as the costs or charges go. The variables include academic level, type of paper, deadline, and the number of pages.

Under the academic level section, individuals select a high school level, undergraduate, Masters, or PhD. The type of paper component mostly remains the same across all academic standards in the price calculator.

Variations on the deadline of the task lead to automatic changes in the total price of the task at hand. This goes for the number of pages as well. An important aspect to note is that a standard page has 275 words.

A 1-page research paper with a turnaround period of 14 days costs $10 for a high school student, $14 for an Undergraduate, $22 for Masters level, and $29 for PhD level. When there is a variation and adjustment to the deadline, for example, a reduction of the period of execution to 2 days, 24 hours, 12 hours, or 6 hours, there is a corresponding increase in the total price to reflect the urgency of the task at hand.

Types of Services

This entity offers a wide variety of offers. On its website, it highlights the types of tasks it handles, which are many. They include admission essay, annotated bibliography, application letter, argumentative essay, article, article review, case study, course work, curriculum vitae, dissertation, term paper, and thesis statement.

Some of these services are unique to different academic levels. There aren’t dissertations at the high school level, and there aren’t Math problems at the PhD level. However, since customers keep longing for solutions to their Math problems and those who want their PhD dissertations handled, this establishment offers this assistance.

Other offers within the scope of Eduvinci include literature review, movie review, presentations, recommendation letters, reports, resume, speeches, and term papers. A keen assessment of the offerings of this firm shows that this establishment mainly leans towards academic tasks.

This entity offers a wide array of aid, mainly because of the capacity and expertise it has on board. The pros of the company make it possible for all these products to be available on the website of Eduvinci.

However, offerings are tailored mainly for the business world or non-academic settings, including business plans, presentations, and speeches. All these offerings understate or underscore the full range of products by

Apart from these, there are other products like handling multiple-choice questions that Eduvinci offers. Also, along this line, there are those assignments that stem from already-written content. These include editing and proofreading the content.

The main goal of editing and proofreading is to ensure that the content is devoid of grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, inappropriate wording, poor sentences, and incorrect wording or phrasing. Towards this end, Eduvinci offers these to learners who have content but need some modifications to improve its quality, remove errors, or polish it.

Payment Options

To facilitate payments between the writers and Eduvinci, the company avails a set of options that students should use. The advantage of this company is that this entity has numerous options and methods for transacting.

These options include Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and JCB. It is important to note that these methods do not involve fees to Eduvinci alone. At times, due to other issues or breach of contract, might have to process refunds. In such situations, the company uses these options.


Money-Back Guarantee

This covers refunds at Eduvinci and covers a variety of situations. Individuals get a full refund in some circumstances. When a customer sends funds by mistake, such as paying a fee several times, a full refund happens in this situation.

While infrequent, circumstances that involve the lack of a writer handling your paper get you a total refund. Another situation stems from the time of delivery. When the deadline for the paper has passed, and there is no delivery, you receive a complete refund. However, in such circumstances, it is the policy of Eduvinci to retain all documents or progress attained thus far.

People are eligible for a 90% refund if the writer is well underway with the task, but still not half past the required deadline. In such a case, there is a full refund, including transaction fees.

A 70% refund occurs when the writer is on the task and is no farther than half the deadline. Learners get a 50% refund when the writer is on the job and well past half the deadline. There is a 50% refund when Eduvinci cannot provide you with a writer for your revision.

Revision Policy

The revision policy of this company is that when people have put their tasks for revision, there is no room for alteration of initial instructions of the job. When a writer completes the task, there can only be a valid request for a revision within a 7-day time-frame.

Is It Legit?

Most of the information on its site checks out. Folks who have contracted this firm corroborate all the information, guarantees, and assurances on the site. Further, internal efforts to review the company by actually placing some orders point out to an entity that is what it says it is.

Further, a lot of information on the website and outside the site, especially from customer testimonials and reviews, shows that is an outstanding writing entity that does an excellent job.

With all this positive feedback and accurate information on the website, this outfit passes through and comes across as legit.


Customer Support – This establishment has reliable and responsive customer support. Folks should bank on the communication department of this company.

Tons of offerings – It is impossible to go without the help you need. There are very many offerings, and you can get the assistance you are seeking.

Timely delivery – Eduvinci prides itself in quick turnarounds.


Inconsistency in original content – There are some glaring inconsistencies in the nature of the content. Some content is directly from reference materials.

Origin of writers – Some of the experts are not native English speakers, which interferes with the quality of products at this company.


According to the information on Eduvinci‘s site, the company does an excellent job. It has all the hallmarks of a top outfit that offers academic assistance. From the team of pros with solid academic credentials to the operational policies that govern the working of the entity, Eduvinci is a company that learners find reliable.

Further, the pricing and pace of execution are well above industry averages. This means that by contracting Eduvinci, clients place themselves in positions that allow them to receive quality output. The offerings at the site are so broad that students get the assistance they need in the various areas, something which not all establishments can boast of in the industry.