Site Overview

Edudemius is a professional company that works on student academic tasks. Throughout its operations, the entity has worked and delivered over 5,000 orders and has an army of writers in the upwards of 301. According to its website, the orders delivered on time are well above 96% of all orders, and its quality score is at 9.1 out of a possible ten.

Edudemius has a simple procedure for working on orders, which starts at filling an order form, assigning the order to a proficient writer, and finally, timely delivery of the paper via email. With its vast services, this company targets various students across different levels of education pursuing varying academic disciplines which have distinct complexities. prides itself on the superior quality of its products, complete privacy on its platform, free revisions when clients request them, and timely delivery of ordered papers or products – all of which are positives for such services.

Pricing System

Edudemius has a price calculator on its site that makes it possible for clients to compute the cost of the services they are about to order or consume on the site. This calculator calculates the price based on inputs or characteristics that give shape to the order or task in question.

These inputs include the level of education, the type of paper, the deadline for execution, and the number of pages expected. Edudemius handles academic tasks for students in different learning stages, including high school, college, university, Masters, and PhD.

In these distinct stages of education, the complexity of the studies and assignments varies, which is why this is a key input as far as price computation goes. Another variable is the type of paper. This is so because there are lots of papers from different disciplines with different forms and structures that students handle throughout their education.

Different papers have varying complexities and requirements, a factor which is essential in the calculation of the costs. The time-frame for execution also matters, as a long window implies a less sense of urgency, hence more leeway and thus low pricing. On the other hand, tight deadlines necessitate total focus and commitment on the part of the expert, resulting in a higher price.

For an essay of any type, in a 14-day deadline, the costs per 275-word page are $10, $14, $16, $22, and $29 as the level of education advances. A more stringent deadline like a one-day window increases the prices of the various offerings accordingly.

Types of Services

There is a whole batch of services on offer at These include working on essays and its different variants, annotated bibliographies, article reviews, biographies, case studies, coursework, dissertations, business plans, book and movie reviews, and laboratory reports.

While some of these services cut across academic levels, they vary significantly in technicality and difficulty. A high school essay or article will have variations in structure and technicality compared to one for a postgraduate learner. The graduate essay will have more requirements, will need more research into it, and more efforts across a wide array of elements.

Other services within the scope and purview of the operations of this site include multiple-choice questions, problem-solving, research and term papers, research proposals, presentations, and speeches.

A key aspect to note with regards to the services and operations of Edudemius is that there is a heavy leaning and bias towards academic kinds of tasks. This means that most of the customers here are learners in different institutions of learning who pursue various courses at varying levels of education.

There is also a leaning towards subjects or areas that are reasonably technical, which is evident in the lab report offering. This diverse nature of the offerings here is what sets apart from other players in the industry.

Apart from the general essay writing services on offer that involve writing from the ground up, there are other auxiliary services that Edudemius offers, which mainly focus on refining and fine-tuning content from customers.

These include editing, formatting, styling, and paraphrasing, all of which involve fine-tuning, removing errors, and making the content more readable. When clients want the adjustment to their content to improve its quality by eliminating grammatical errors, poor sentences, lousy wording, and other incorrect words and phrases, these editing and proofreading also involve adding style, flow, and structure to the content.

Payment Options

When Edudemius renders services to clients, it expects that these students will process payments to ensure the delivery of the orders. This brings another operational element to the fore – processing of payments. In this regard, there are various options that customers can use to process their payments to this entity for the orders they place.

This establishment also utilizes these options when processing refunds to clients when there were some glitches in the execution of a client’s orders. These options include MasterCard and Visa. These are standard payment options, and the chances are high that most clients out there use these options in other day to day transactions in different settings.


Money-Back Guarantee

During the handling of the execution of the orders that clients place with Edudemius, various aspects could go wrong. When these aspects go wrong, the guarantees in place protect the clients and give them some form of recourse.

When you make a double payment for an order you have placed, you will get a 100% refund, and this process will take at least three days for to process. There could be other circumstances that warrant a 100% refund, and this is when there is a delay in the submission or delivery of the task you have ordered.

As a client, you are also eligible for a 100% refund in the event the order you placed with Edudemius did not get a corresponding writer or expert. While these cases are rare, sometimes they happen. When they do, Edudemius has a definite refund policy regarding them.

When the work done does not comply with the instructions or requirements, then there will be a 100% refund. Lack of an expert to complete a revision will see learners get a refund ranging from 15% to 50%.

Originality Guarantee

This entity crafts papers from scratch, and those clients who use this entity for academic assistance can rest assured that the products they get are entirely original. For students seeking a plagiarism report, a $9.99 report ensures that they will get a report covering the originality status of the document.

Revision Policy

There are revision terms that come with this policy. Clients have to submit their requests for revision within a 10-day time-frame since the delivery of the task. However, learners cannot materially alter the instructions when seeking reconsideration. Further, these requests should be via email, the student’s account, or the Edudemius website.

Is This Website Legitimate

All the information contained in the website is accurate, legitimate, and checks out. The testimonials and feedback from students point out to an establishment that knows how to get the job done as per the instructions, and in a timely fashion.

Further, the scope of offerings at this establishment is legit, as internal research and outside information indicate that indeed this outfit can offer these services stated on the website, and indeed offers them.

The guarantees and assurances, as well as other operational elements and components of this entity, also show that Edudemius as a service ranks highly among those outfits that extend academic assistance to various learners.


Original Content – The products on this service are purely original, and students can get a report at an additional fee as proof of originality.

Timely delivery – When people place orders on Edudemius, they receive their products within the stated time-frame in the requirements or instructions.

Fast execution – With the seasoned pros on the platform, the pace of execution on this platform is fast.


Pricing – The additional or premium price placed on the plagiarism report of the task at hand increases the total cost of the service.

Inconsistencies in implementation of revision policy – At times, Edudemius does not comprehensively implement its revision policy, which places students in awkward situations regarding their tasks.


Edudemius is among the leading outfits that provide online writing aid for students as far as their academics go. The good thing with this site is that it offers a vast amount of assistance, and learners seeking help here can be sure of getting the necessary help.

Further, this site ranks highly when compared with other entities on vital operational elements and metrics as this Edudemius review indicates. With robust and reliable guarantees and assurances in case some aspects go wrong, this outfit places itself at the top of the writing game.

Testimonials and feedback point out to an outfit that appropriately knows how to handle what the learners need, which is an outstanding aspect for those entities operating in this space.