Our Edubirdie review includes information from legit sources. We used Edubirdie.com as the primary source to get all details that are relevant for our readers. We found that the company uses the bidding system. Clients have to enter the details of their content order and wait for the available writers to place their bids. The customer has the freedom to choose the writer who offers the best offer in terms of price and has the proper background to meet the customer’s requirements. However, this system has some flaws that make the vendor not so professional. We will tell you more about it in the following paragraphs.

Pricing System

Edubirdie differs from the majority of writing companies. Its special character comes from the fact that the client is free to choose the writer with whom he/she wants to work with. The customer has access to 450+ writers and can check their experience and offers. Even though the company mentions on the homepage of Edubirdie.com that the starting price is $13.99/page, the customers don’t have too much information upfront on the prices they should expect. Therefore, many clients can view the collaboration with Edubirdie as a risk that they have to assume if they want to have their papers delivered by the vendor’s writers.

Besides, we found contradictory information on the prices in the FAQ section. The company mentions that the starting price for one page is of $18. So, it might be misleading for the clients who want to understand how the bidding system works. However, the company admits that its services cost higher than the average. Still, they mention that such fees are normal as the quality delivered is flawless. Therefore, Edubirdie considers that customers should understand their decision to practice higher fees considering their promise to work with best-in-class writers.

When it comes to discounts, we couldn’t find too much information on this topic on Edubirdie.com. The only category of discounts that we found available is for referrals. Any satisfied client who wants to recommend Edubirdie’s services to his/her friends/relatives can receive an additional discount on his/her next order. Once the referred friend submits an order on Edubirdie.com, the client who recommended Edubirdie will get a $25 discount on the next order.

Services Delivered

After analyzing the portfolio of services available on Edubirdie.com we concluded that the company targets students. Its services can be split into two major categories. Customers can order writing or editing services. In the first category, customers can work with Edubirdie’s writers on a variety of topics. The writers can deliver essay writing, term papers, homework help, dissertation, admission papers, and many more.

When it comes to editing, the company works with skilled writers who can take a look at your content and polish it so that it meets your requirements. The client should upload the file that he/she wants to edit, add the paper instructions, and choose the type of citation format he/she needs. The editors working for Edubirdie can deliver papers in Harvard, Vancouver, MLA, APA, and many other types of citations.

In this section, we consider that it is important to mention that the order form is created to be sent to all writers by default. This means that the order will reach all writers available on Edubirdie.com. However, the client can choose to work with premium writers and have the certainty that he/she will work with 50% of the best writers who collaborate with Edubirdie. In this case, the client should be open to paying with 10% than the average price. The option to choose platinum writers is also available. They represent 20% of the writers working for Edubirdie. In this case, the price will be increased by 20%.

Payment Methods

The payment is done after choosing and agreeing with the writer at a specific price. Once these aspects are clear, then the client should proceed with the payment. Edubirdie offers secure payment instruments, managing to add more credibility to its services. Therefore, customers can choose to pay using their debit or credit cards. On Edubirdie.com, they can use the cards issued by MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or VISA.

PayPal is not included in the list with the approved payment instruments. As the company targets students, we consider that they should think of introducing this option to make the services more appealing to students.


We found some details related to guarantees on Edubirdie.com. These policies are important as they convince the customers to use the services delivered by Edubirdie. Therefore, we consider that it is important to share with our readers the details included in the policies.

Refund Policy

In comparison to the policies developed by other writing companies, Edubirdie has a distinct method of offering refunds to its clients. Each refund request is handled by the Quality Assurance Team. Clients are encouraged to contact the Support Team via live chat or phone and transmit their difficulties. Once the request is received by the customer support representative, the Quality Assurance Manager starts the investigation and speeds up to finding a resolution.

Once the refund request is sent by the client, his/her order will be put under the status of “under investigation”. During this period, the amount paid is on hold. Therefore, the writer won’t be allowed to upload any files for revisions or to provide additional details.

When it comes to the investigation process, the investigation team working for Edubirdie will check the details mentioned in the complaint transmitted to the Support Team. They will also check the client’s requirements and compare the content delivered by the writer with the instructions transmitted by the client. Based on their conclusion, the Quality Assurance Team will decide which is going to be the amount refunded to the client. In case they conclude that the writer did something wrong, Edubirdie has the right to block or fine the writer and prevent any similar situations to occur.

On Edubirdie.com, we also found more details on the situations that might trigger a full refund. For example, in case no writer was assigned yet, the client can cancel the order and get all money back. Also, if the customer discovered that he/she paid twice for the order, he/she will get all amount back for the doubled order. In case the writer missed the deadline and the customer doesn’t need it anymore, then he/she can ask for a full refund. However, in this case, the client shouldn’t download the content and is not allowed to use it for any purpose. On the other hand, only 70% of the amount paid will be returned should the client discover that the paper’s quality is not as expected.

Should You Trust This Site?

We checked Edubirdie.com’s reliability and got to the conclusion that it should be trusted. We were convinced by the professional look and well-structured information. These are clear signs that the vendor worked with specialized web developers. Also, the fact that it allows payments via secure methods adds more credibility to the company’s account.


We decided to trust Edubirdie for different reasons:

  • Secure payment methods
  • Well-structured site
  • Detailed money-back policy
  • Extensive portfolio of services


Edubirdie could be perfect if they improved the following areas:

  • The company doesn’t offer clear details on discounts
  • PayPal is not an available payment tool
  • Customers cannot pay in parts for their orders

To Conclude

We consider that Edubirdie is a writing company that offers its services for reasonable prices. The company works with skilled writers who are encouraged to bid for the orders they find interesting and according to their experience. Also, Edubirdie is of interest for students who seek for diverse writing and editing services. The company uses policies that clarify the situations when the client can ask for refunds. On the other hand, the policies should include details for revisions. Plus, we consider that the company should put more effort to develop the discounts offer to attract more clients.