When students are stressed and overwhelmed, they tend to make poor decisions, especially when choosing online writing services without taking the time to fully investigate them. In their defense, they do not have the time or the knowledge to do this. Instead, they look for bargains and the first company to promise them the best help on the planet.

This is where Essays Writing Reviews comes in. We do the “dirty work” of digging into all of these online writing services and separate the good from the bad. We also report all of what they offer, their prices and benefits, and what other customers have to say about them. When we write up a company review, students will know if it is one they may want to use.

This BoomEssays review will give a complete picture.

Pricing System

As we said, there are plenty of companies out there that have bargain prices. But there is an old saying about being “pennywise and pound foolish.” In the writing industry, this means that students may think it’s great to get a bargain, but in the end, the product they receive will be inferior and unusable.

We know when pricing is right, and BoomEssays.com meets that “rightness.” Here are all of the details about its costs:

  • BoomEssays has pricing structures for various types of academic needs. On its homepage is a button for getting a quote. Students select just the basic information about what they want, and a price is generated.
  • The most basic piece of BoomEssays original writing, a high school essay, will cost $12.99/page with a 14-day delivery deadline. Prices increase as grade levels go up, and deadlines become more urgent. The pricing is well within the range we consider right for reputable companies.
  • Another thing that affects cost is the discounts that BoomEssays offers. Students can read about them on the related link. There are price cuts for new and returning customers.
  • BoomEssays also offers more options at checkout, and these will add to the final cost. Students should consider these carefully, as they can be pricey.
  • BoomEssays provides some free benefits that might come with a charge at other companies – certain pages, plagiarism scan, revisions, and formatting. These should be considered to be cost savings.

All in all, BoomEssays.com has a pricing system and structures that we find comparable to all other writing companies we rate highly.

Types of Services

BoomEssays lists all of its services in a drop-down menu of the same name. Each category of service has a different pricing schedule. Students can click on any of these categories and get more detail.

  • Essay Writing: This category includes lots of different types of writing products – essays of all types (basic and research), analyses, critiques, response and reflection, book reviews, and much more.
  • Research Paper Writing: this category includes term papers, research papers, research projects, literature reviews, and much more, at high school undergrad and grad levels – any topic field.
  • Theses and dissertations: Master’s and Ph.D. candidates facing challenges with their final projects will find Boom Essays Ph.D. consultants in any research field to provide whatever help they need.
  • Admissions Essays: These are critical pieces of writing for high school students seeking college admissions or for college students applying to grad programs. BoomEssays maintains a cadre of creative writers who can craft engaging and compelling essays and personal statements.
  • Math/Science: Students enrolled in STEM courses face challenging problem sets and projects. BoomEssays has STEM specialists who can help when students are struggling.
  • Resumes: This category includes resumes, CVs, and cover letters. This department will craft from scratch, edit, and/or proofread.
  • Additional Services: BoomEssays understands that its categories do not cover every need that students may have. This “extra” category covers these – annotated bibliographies, editing, presentations, lab reports, and such.

BoomEssays.com obviously offers a full array of academic help. When a company does this, and when it is also reputable and quality-driven, then a student can feel confident using it for everything.

Is BoomEssays quality-driven? We checked that out too.

  • First, we read through all of the BoomEssays website pages. We liked what we saw. The content is clear; the organizational structure is solid, and the grammar and composition perfect. When a company takes the time to craft excellent content, it is likely that product quality will follow.
  • Second, we evaluated three of the samples on the BoomEssays website. We specifically reviewed a high school essay, a college paper, and a grad level research work. In all three instances, we found exactly what we like to see – great thesis statements, logical structure and flow, and style, grammar, and composition that was appropriate for the grade level.
  • Third, we looked on our own website for users who had been customers of BoomEssays and what they had to say. There were several posts and some conversations about BoomEssays – all of them very positive. Students were pleased with what they had received, praised the customer support, and felt that their writers were responsive and stayed in touch.
  • Fourth, we went out onto the web – to social media and to consumer reporting websites, looking for any information from BoomEssays customers. We did find some. Again, this feedback echoed what our users had to say.

We concluded that BoomEssays is quality-driven. What’s more, customers have stated that their needs always came first with the company.

Payment Methods

Students have multiple methods of making payment for their orders – any major credit/debit bank cards, PayPal, or wire transfer. Using a wire transfer will mean adding a couple of days for the transaction to clear, so students should keep this in mind when they set a deadline delivery date.

There is always the issue of security when making online payments. We have no worries in the instance of BoomEssays. It does not process its own payments, a practice that is always suspect and certainly less secure. Instead, BoomEssays has contracted with a third-party payment processing firm that does have the security certifications that we like to see.


BoomEssays offers a host of guarantees – all of those that we find important. Here is a short synopsis:

  • Revisions: Free revisions are promised – unlimited, until the customer is happy. The only exception to this guarantee is if a customer’s change in the original order details requires more work for the writer. There will probably be an additional fee for these changes.
  • Money-Back: There is a policy on refunds. When the company has breached any of its promises, or if its practices have resulted in any negative consequence to a customer, then there will be refunds. Students should read through this policy so they understand their rights.
  • Privacy: This is another policy on the BoomEssays website. It describes all of the types of information it collects on visitors and Once a student becomes a customer, he must provide certain personal information. This is protected through encryption and firewalls and will never be shared.
  • Plagiarism-Free Writing: All writing is subjected to a plagiarism scan by our quality assurance department. If there is any circumstance of plagiarism, it is immediately corrected before it is ever sent on to a customer.
  • Quality Control Check: Students deserve to get exactly what they order. This means that all of their instructions are followed; it means that the piece of writing is customized and original; it means that it will be edited and proofread for integrity of research and perfect grammar and composition. All of these things will be checked by the quality control department.
  • Deadlines Met: BoomEssays guarantees that customers will receive their orders on the deadline they have specified, if not before. Customers whose reviews we have read all state that they have received their orders on or before their deadline specifications.

BoomEssays guarantees are all of those we like to see. What’s more, customers who have had to request fulfillment of any of them state that they are honored.

Is Site Legit?

There are plenty of definitions of legitimacy in terms of writing services. Some believe that any company that sets up a website, takes customer orders, and delivers something is a legitimate service. Our requirements are far greater than these.

BoomEssays meets our higher standards. It takes detailed orders from its customers, assigns qualified writers to each task, performs a quality control check, and then delivers that product to a customer. And it provides service beyond that initial sale by ensuring that the customer is happy with that final product. This is legitimacy for us.


Among the many pros, these are the ones that are most important to BoomEssays customers:

  • Full array of products and services
  • Communication with the assigned writer
  • Great customer service
  • Guarantees for customer satisfaction
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Security and confidentiality


We submit the following:

  • Some fee-based add-ons are cost prohibitive
  • Blog has not been updated since 2017
  • Need more variety in writing samples

To Sum Up

BoomEssays.com is what we consider a writing service that is a great “home” for students at all grade levels to get the help they need. It is a place where students can find that help over the long haul – from high school all the way through their grad programs. We can easily recommend BoomEssays.com to any student looking for a great place to “park” themselves.