BestEssaysEducation is using this slogan to distinguish themselves from their competitors and to attract more customers. We want to test this claim by performing a thorough comparison of their website, services and overall quality with their industry standards and competitors.

We will focus our attention on their prices, reviews, online calculator and samples, guarantees and customer support. After all this, we have found out that this website really can be called among “the best” in the industry.

Pricing System

The easiest way to get a quote on is by using their online calculator. It has a much more simplified design compared to its competitors. With its small size and just 5 filters you’ll know the total cost in a matter of seconds.

BestEssaysEducation price range starts at $12.99 which tends to be the norm in the online writing world. Based on 3 different and easy to understand factors you can predict your final cost.
These factors are:

  1. Urgency – How soon do you want BestEssaysEducation experts to write your work? The more urgent your requirement is, the higher your total cost is going to be.
  2. Academic Level – How difficult it is to write your work? If you need just two pages for your online blog post, the cost will be much higher compared to a Ph.D. thesis research request
  3. Quantity – Your total cost will be based on the total number of pages or words you request. One page consists of 275 words and this is the norm in the industry.

As in any other industry, early booking is an excellent way to save some money with planning in advance.

The 2nd way to save money is by using discounts.

Their discount banners are being proudly displayed on their homepage

As a 1st-time customer you’re eligible to use a 23% discount which is higher than the industry average which tends to be less or equal to 20%.

If you are a returning customer you’re eligible for lifetime discounts. These discounts are based on the total money spent on BestEssaysEducation services.

They offer 3 types of lifetime discount:

  1. If you spend a total of $399 or more, you’re eligible to use a 5% discount
  2. After you spend a total of $599 or more, you’re eligible for a 10% discount
  3. The total of $799 or more spent will get you a fabulous 15% discount

Types of Services

Before we explain each service, we have to compliment BestEssaysEducation team for their attention to detail. They are probably the only company within the industry to add sub-services for every service they offer. This, in turn, makes it extremely easy for a customer to find out to which category his request belongs.

This differentiates them from their competitors. We are going to explain their main services below:

Editing – BestEssaysEducation guarantees that your paper will be accepted on your very first submission and with the highest grades

Math/ Physics/ Economics is definitely the hardest category to work on. Their team of experts will help you with the research and to solve complex problems

Academic Writing Services is a great service for students who are under a lot of pressure and a lack of time to catch up with all exams and subjects

Multiple Choice Questions is a great tool if you need help from an expert to pass your test. It’s really simple to arrange and all the work that needs to be done will be conducted by an expert which means a high grade is guaranteed

Resume/CV Services is a phenomenal service for anyone who’s unemployed and searching for a job. This is also a great tool for employed professionals who want to switch careers or just to keep their resume updated

Proofreading is a great tool to enhance your work quality and add a final touch of professionalism to it. This is especially a great service if you’re a non-native speaker.

Rewriting – whether you need just a part of your work to be rewritten or the whole work, it’s always easier to hire an expert to do this task for you.

Dissertation Services represent one of the toughest assignments for a student. The whole work is focused on perfectionism and you might find yourself in a difficult position because it’s your 1st time doing this type of work. Due to the specific nature and difficulty of the task it is advisable to hire an expert either for just one part of the work or for the whole dissertation

Admission Services are similar to resume services because they share the same goal – to make the candidate stand out from the crowd

Copywriting is a great way to enhance your blog post, article, product review or any similar type of content with help from a professional who has a ton of experience.

Payment Methods

BestEssaysEducation offers a standard range of payment methods:

  1. PayPal
  2. Credit Cards: Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover
  3. E-checks and wire transfer

Depending on your preference you have plenty of options to choose from on


If you’re not a happy camper, you’ll be looking for some sort of a refund from BestEssaysEducation. It’s quite important to research this subject thoroughly.

The standard in this industry is to split guarantees into 3 different categories: cancellation time, delivery time and bad quality.

Usually, the cancellation time is the only category that’s totally transparent while the other 2 require you to read more paragraphs for a better understanding.

  1. The Cancellation Time – If you cancel prior to the writer being assigned to your order, you’re eligible for a 100% refund and that’s a great policy. Once the writer has been assigned to your order, you’re eligible for a 70% refund. The lowest amount of refund you’re eligible for is 50% and that happens if you cancel once the writer has been assigned to your order and more than half of the deadline was passed
  2. Late Delivery Claims – If you’re not satisfied with the timing aspect of your order, you’re eligible for a 7% refund for long-term orders.
  3. Bad Quality Claims – this category is highly subjective. In order to investigate your claim, BestEssaysEducation will assign the Quality Assurance Team to investigate your case. Depending on many different factors you might receive up to a 70% refund on your order.

Is Site Legit?

There is no doubt how is a legit site with a legitimate team of experts behind it. BestEssaysEducation team has great reviews, a wide range of high-quality services to offer and a large team of experts capable of performing the task.


  • Discounts are properly advertised on their homepage which improves their transparency level
  • BestEssaysEducation has a wide range of services and their quality is really great
  • Their Customer Support team is available 24/ 7/ 365 which is yet another competitive advantage for them
  • The Online Calculator has a simple design and it’s extremely easy to use


  • Their website could be slightly improved by updating it with some modern design but this is the common trait within the industry. The whole industry is much more based on functionality

To Sum Up

In summary, we can definitely highly recommend to all students looking to get high-quality work done quickly. We have checked this for ourselves by placing several test orders, and each was beyond satisfactory. What we especially liked about BestEssaysEducation is their fast and helpful customer support. Just like with our test orders, we tested the speed of their customer service team and received a response instantly.

Whatever you may need and whichever your academic level may be, this website has got you covered, and we can now vouch for that!