believes that everyone should be well informed of how we conduct business and how to interact well with our website. Therefore, we provide this Private Policy so that website users will have ample knowledge of the information we collect and how we use them.

Information Collected collects two types of information:

1. General and aggregate information from visitors and users who visit our website, including what browser you are using, your IP address, pages on the website you visit, and how long you stay. This information is used to help improve our website user experience and for future updates on it. This information is collected and gives us a good grasp of how first-time users interact with our website.

We also save information using “cookies” which are tools used to track your activity during your stay on the website. Leaving our website terminates their tracking activity on you. But we may also use a “persistent cookie” whose sole responsibility is to store your login information. Should you want to login to our website again, this makes it easy for you to access that information. You can delete the cookies using your browser’s settings. However, if you disable or delete the cookies, it may affect how you access our website and may even affect how some pages and features load.

2. The information you provide us is called Personal Information. These include your profile, the messages you send and receive, the searches you conduct, conversations, your posts and comments on forums, and any information you send or receive. We store this information so that you may have access to the site and interact with all the features on the website. We also require this information so that we can contact you using the email/newsletter communication.


Understand that you post content at your own risk. This is why have set privacy options that you can use to limit access to specific pages. However, it is not guaranteed that these settings are completely secure. We are also not responsible for the actions of other users who may have access to your page and your information. We are not responsible for the actions of anyone who hacks their way around this privacy policy. If you remove any content on our website, we cannot guarantee that anyone who saved your content will delete the same content. We do not guarantee that the information you deleted will not show up again on our site or elsewhere on the Internet.

You are responsible for being aware of the Terms and Conditions Policy on our website and will refrain from posting anything prohibited by Terms and Conditions. Should you come to the knowledge of anyone violating the restrictions of the policies, you are encouraged to report such persons. We reserve the right to close the accounts and block these users.

On Minors

We discourage anyone under the age of 13 from creating an account on our website. If we find that there are users who are below such age, we will delete all their information and will not register them until we have verifiable consent from a parent or a guardian. Please report any known user who is below 13 years old.

For children ages 13 to 18 years old, they should ask for permission from their parents or guardians before registering on our website.

How the Information is Used

When you register with us, the information you provide will be used to connect you to other users. This includes your name and photo you wish to publish. When connecting with other users, you can provide them with the information at your own risk.

We can also use this information to reach out to you for important announcements.

You can control your privacy settings. You can allow other people to add information to your profile. How other people use it is not our responsibility.

When you opt-out of our email, we may still reach you if there are important matters about your account.

Sharing Information with Third Parties only shares your information with third parties that can be beneficial to you. This may include relevant ads and promotions.

We will not give your contact information to third parties without your consent.

We would like to remind you that posting and sharing information with third parties like messages, photos, posts, and other content, you are responsible for such actions. You must understand that all the information you share beyond this privacy policy is under your privacy settings.


We have links on our websites that direct to third parties. When you click the link to the website, you become subject to their privacy policy and terms and conditions. We are not responsible for any consequences that may occur on their website while you are there.

Binding Terms

By using, you understand and agree to all the terms of this Privacy Policy as well as the Terms and Conditions agreement.

Should there be changes, we will do our best to inform everyone of it by way of publishing and announcing the changes. These changes will be effective on the day they will be in effect. All users are subject to the changes immediately.